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UK hardware sales: Xbox 360 roars, PSP whimpers {Joystiq}

Sep 7th 2007 12:38PM The PSP isn't selling here because very few retailers have any, due to the PSP Lite soon to be launched. You can't sell what you don't have.

UK stores to get Wii countdown clocks? {Joystiq}

Aug 15th 2006 1:07PM I work for the Virgin in Meadowhall and we recieved a clock today. However it's going to be a DS clock (with the scrolling title thing on the top and an countdown timer beneath) as seen in places like Game for ages. When we get a firm Wii release date it'll be a Wii clock, but just for DS games till then. Sorry!

And yeah, some of our systems do use the American date format :-/

Holidays in Azeroth - Love 'em or Hate 'em? {WoW}

Apr 14th 2006 3:18PM As much as I love the festivals for their socialness etc, they are a great way of making a few gold. I made loads over the Valentine festival by selling city collections I gathered while in the BG queue. And there was the way over-inflated prices of Small Eggs over Christmas...

Mac game devs cautiously optimistic about Boot Camp {Joystiq}

Apr 7th 2006 8:31AM I'd much rather play games native in OS X, however when oldish games like Black&White and Neverwinter Nights are retailing for ?40 on Mac as opposed to ?5 on PC, I'd save so much cash buying PC games and duel-booting Windows.

I'd still use OS X for everything else, like the Internet, iLife etc.

Sales of M-rated games to kids declining, reveals undercover survey {Joystiq}

Apr 3rd 2006 5:28PM I know it sounds a bit silly to you, but it can be very hard ti tell people's ages. Some are obvious, some aren't. I'm 22, and I get IDed for 15 rated games/DVDs. Guessing people's ages is not as easy as you may think it is.

Bugs, ghosts, and standard responses {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2006 6:10AM The only strange experience I've had was on the boat from Ratchet to Booty Bay. Some undead priest thought it would be amusing to MC me off the boat. However instead of just landing in the sea, I was falling for about a minute and ended up under Azshara. Yep, under the actuall land itself, I was surrounded by water but didn't drown and my map showed that I was pretty far inland. I had to HS out.

Girls That Play Games {WoW}

Feb 24th 2006 5:26AM I lie and tell people I'm a guy so they'll stop trying to cyber with me. It's only a problem that I've run into over the last month or so, and mostly with my undead priest. Guys keep asking me to go somewhere with them and let them show me a good time. Its not all that frequent though, and it amuses rather than irritates me.

Innovation falls flat in UK charts {Joystiq}

Feb 16th 2006 5:46AM To be fair its not the retailers fault. Well it is, but not at store level. Head Office tell you where to display titles according to how much the publisher has paid for that display place. Thats why EA games are everywhere in stores because they throw money at the retailers to put them there. Thats also why you keep finding games like GTA:SA in the 'New Relases but' even though its not 'new', publishers pay for it. If it was up to each store to do its own displaying shops would look a lot different.

Innovation falls flat in UK charts {Joystiq}

Feb 16th 2006 3:22AM I did want to get Katamari, but I can only get one game this month and Shadow of the Colossus is out tomorrow. Most people who wanted Katamari imported the first one from America ages ago.

We shouldn't accept these delays anymore. I'm not saying games should have a worldwide release but some of the delays between us and America are stupid (Animal Crossing anyone?) At least we getting a sexy limitied edition of SotC as an apology for this heart-wrenching wait!

Breakfast Topic: BG Twinks {WoW}

Feb 6th 2006 7:30AM I'm pretty put off trying a BG for this reason. I have little to no PvP experience and I don't think being killed continuosly by people I can't hope to defeat is a great way to spend my game time. I think a lot of people forget that there are a large group of players levelling their first or second character, not all of us have level 60s to 'help us out'