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Rock Band Weekly: Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy album {Joystiq}

Apr 10th 2009 2:25PM Couldn't agree with you more. So many people wanted to hate this album that when it came out, their self-fulfilling prophecy had them hating it right from the get-go. I bought it with an open mind, and while it's a different style than their old stuff (which is to be expected after a decade or two), I've quite enjoyed it.I'll be picking up these tracks even if it is cool to hate the album.

Microsoft at it again with 2nd ad tweaking Macs {}

Apr 5th 2009 1:39AM Coincidentally enough, I bought an HP HDX 16 something or another earlier today. In fact, I'm posting this comment from it right now. I looked at several computers prior to buying it, and for the price, it seemed like the best bet. I'm up in Canada, and it cost me $1199. I looked at Apple since I'm open-minded (I read the site since I have an iPod touch), but as of right now, the only Apple laptops that are near this price range are ones with a 13" screen. If I want a larger screen, the next closest on the Future Shop (Canadian store similar to Best Buy) is a 15" screen for $1900 something. No matter how good Apple might be, I can't see spending that much on what I consider to be my middle-of-the-road laptop.

Raid Rx: Sports can help you heal better {WoW}

Apr 5th 2009 1:25AM The fact that you called it "ice" hockey kinda makes me wonder about your Canadian credentials. As an American who moved up to the Great White North several years ago, I got all kinds of grief whenever I would say I "ice" skate as opposed to just skate. As far as I can tell, the "ice" part is implied if you are north of the border.

New Def Leppard single to hit GH3 before retail {Joystiq}

Apr 11th 2008 1:01PM Well, since you don't care for them, I suppose the rest of us may as well stop caring as well. Seriously, why take the time to come on and say you hate a band? There's plenty of bands that have been offered for GH or RB that I don't care for (Oasis tops the list), but I don't go out of my way to disparage them. To each their own, dude.

15 Minutes of Fame: Gurubashing his way to Arena Grand Master {WoW}

Apr 8th 2008 10:00PM Great article. I'll add to the commenters above and say it's refreshing to see have someone who is having fun with the game on their terms. I love the idea about taking pictures in front of every statue in the game. Good luck, Hooper/Venwe!

The gear you'll never delete {WoW}

Apr 5th 2008 9:48PM Ha, as soon as I saw the picture, I figured it was El. Well done, Sully. -Fizz

How Adam got his loot back {WoW}

Mar 30th 2008 2:44AM Before you go correcting people, you should probably be aware that "spelt" is not what you think it is. The word you want is "spelled."

Dave Perry: Gamers ignore Wii's 'sloppy' controls {Joystiq}

Sep 25th 2007 3:21PM Hmm, I'll check out those settings tonight. Our new baby arrived about a week after my wife bought me the Wii so I haven't had a chance to play the system much, let alone mess around with its settings. I've got a friend coming over this weekend who wants to see MP3 on the big screen so that ought to be a good test of the new settings. Thanks for the advice!

Dave Perry: Gamers ignore Wii's 'sloppy' controls {Joystiq}

Sep 25th 2007 2:52PM I can't speak for Perry's past since I'm not that familiar with him, but from the sounds of the article, I'd have to say he's pretty dead on with his comments.

For one, I too feel the Wii controls are a little loose for my liking, especially since the only other system I use often is a PC and mouse (the Wii being my only next-gen console). Maybe the Wii wasn't made to be used on a 61" DLP, but I find the pointer is very difficult to keep steady. When I first purchased it, I thought it would be as precise as a laser pointer, but my experience (which I'll admit is limited to WiiSports, WarioWare, and Rayman) has shown that the slightest movement causes it to move all over the place.

The second reason I think he made a good point is in the response of people in the comments here. Even if the Wii is your favorite system, that doesn't mean you can't find flaws with it. If it was perfect, you'd never be able to make it better. To hear some of you, just because they tried something new, any flaws should be exempted (such as the comment "as long as it works well enough..."). That's exactly what Dave Perry was saying in the article. Next time, try to understand the message instead of shooting the messenger immediately.

First look inside the BlizzCon Exhibition Hall {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2007 3:01PM Could someone please explain why beating the final "boss" of the RTS version of the game means that's all there is to see in the MMO version? As the Burning Crusade expansion proved, you can easily add new elements to Warcraft lore, such as the ethereal race. If you believe that the only raid bosses that are available are those that were in Warcraft 1-3, I think you are being incredibly unimaginative. What's to prevent a portal being opened up to an entirely new world, with its own races, dungeons, and yes, bosses? If the latest expansion ends with Arthas's death, the only thing that is over is any reliance the MMO has on the RTS for creative issues.