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Two Bosses Enter: Loken slips past Xevozz, Ymiron battles Krik'thir {WoW}

Jan 20th 2010 12:11PM Salomas, I loved your depiction of the fight, but let's even the odds for the poor Nerubians!

In the midst of the flying banners and flags of the Thunderdome the only color that Ymiron could see was red. His massive and muscular form creaked in his heavy armor, so at odds with the apparently fragile forms of the Nerubians across the way. He snorted under his breath; these creatures were used in his folks' bed-time stories…stories meant to frighten children, but certainly not grown men and especially not the King of the Vrykul!

Before Ymiron had a chance to really ponder his current situation, Krik'thir, the ugly head Nerubian it seemed, started chattering at him.

"Oh grreat King Ymirron, surrely you rrecognize the folly of yourr actions herre today? We Nerrubians had built ourr kingdom beneath the grround long beforre you Vrrykul everr landed on these shorres. Ourr dwellings extend thrrough all of Norrthrrend and we haunt yourr peoples' verry drreams. How can you think to win against us?" the arrogant Nerubian chittered.

"It was your folly, bug, that you ever decided to come out of your dreams and into the daylight." Ymiron drew his massive sword in one hand and pointed at the shifting arachnids. "Feel the might of the Vrykul and our god of death!"

Chattering in a language he couldn't understand was a chorus of clicking mandibles. Almost a hundred legs started moving towards him, but the one opponent he couldn't reach even with his long and mighty sword was the one that Ymiron was most desperate to kill. Krik'thir stood at the back like a general, commanding his minions towards weak or opportunistic areas for attack. One at a time the Nerubians would have proved no match and quailed before the might of the mighty King, but they worked as a unit under the command of the Watchers and Krik'thir alike, taking advantage of whatever holes they could find in his defenses.

Not that this overly troubled the King too much, as he activated the Bane of his dark god and called on the screams of his ancestors past to chill even the blood of the swarming Nerubians. The smallest of them couldn't withstand the combined onslaught and were shredded by the shadow damage even as they desperately tried to bite deeper through Ymiron's tough armor. Laughing deep in his chest Ymiron summoned his own minions to him, and set them upon the Nerubians. It became clear, however, why Krik'thir had so far remained separate from the fight. A cunning Curse of Fatigue all but rendered the King's own minions useless, and he ran towards them to free them from the Watcher's clutches, but found himself slowed and weakened by a Mind Flay from Krik'thir. Ymiron watched on as the Watchers rent his own minions apart.

"You foul demon, face me alone without the help of your brood!" Ymiron screamed towards his opponent.

"You must underrstand, oh grreat king, that powerr does not stem frrom one's own body alone. My ability to rrule is surrpassing even yourr onslaught!"

Howling in rage Ymiron stunned the Nerubians once again, and summoned more of his ancestors power. The Watchers had been tough, but taking constant damage from Bane and combined with more shadow damage from his summoned orbs and Spirit Burst was too much for them, and they crumpled into useless piles of chitin.

"Now, Gatekeeper, you and I will finish this alone." Ymiron panted, and charged headlong at Krik'thir to cleave him in twain.

Krik'thir, had other plans however, and hit Ymiron again with Mind Flay, stopping the King's headlong charge while continuing to wear down his defenses. Putting down his aching head and bullrushing towards his opponent, Ymiron was too intent to notice the startling change that had overcome the Nerubian general.

The Nerubian was now much larger than he had first been, almost twice his original size and towering over the king. Krik'thir's legs struck out powerfully and wickedly fast as he continued to use dark energies to rend the King's mind asunder. Ymiron was not without a last gambit, channeling the powers of the god of death into his blade and tearing great holes in the Nerubians carapace, but it was too little, too late. The King was bleeding from dozens of small wounds, some of them infected or laced with poison, and all of it was too much as he collapsed under the Nerubian's frenzied attack.

As the King lay bleeding out on the floor of the Thunderdome, the Nerubian bent down and clicked out his final goodbye.

"Therre is a rreason we inhabited yourr drreams…forr we arre the verry essence of nightmarres."

One Boss Leaves: King Dred chomps Herald Volazj {WoW}

Dec 24th 2009 1:20PM Hmm, only thing is that if we're classifying King Dred as a dinosaur and going off of what he supposedly copies he's actually not a particularly good predator.

Although the Tyrannosaurus Rex was a large, very toothy dinosaur, its lack of any respectable arms indicate that it was likely a scavenger, not a predator at all. Their long tails were likely used for running, as a counter-balance, and they would have only rarely stood up straight. Also, due to their large mass they'd be physically incapable of using their lower claws as anything more than foot support. This is a creature that lived more off of what other, mostly smaller, dinosaurs killed...rather than doing it themselves.

Intimidating? Heck yes! Top predator? Debatable. Personally, I'd run from the raptors faster than from Dred. Not only are they fast, vicious and capable of using any of their four claws or jaws as weapons, they also hunt as a pack, indicating some level of intelligence greater than a T-Rex's solitary scavenger state.

Win? Goes to Dred's raptors, who allow King Dred to tackle the Herald, before tearing into him themselves, stacking their bleeding effects together to take down the hurt T-Rex. Twice the meat for the pack!