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Breakfast Topic: Oh, the lengths that we go {WoW}

Dec 24th 2009 10:56PM awsome post! I had to make myself a member so I could post a comment on this (and... well its about time)

I hear ya on the playing in the van. last year I bought what is my current vehicle, a 1973 VW camper fan. right when i got it took out everything so we could seal up the minor rust spots and restore some side paneling and interior. my friend and I wanted to get some LAN going and he couldnt make it over to my house nor could i make it to his house, back to mine and then back again the next morning to drop him off. so i packed up my desktop. put it in my camper van and drove to his house. when i got there there was absolutly no where to put another desktop. we took out computers. ext. cords. a reeeeallly long CAT5 cable, power strip, router and our 2 desktops with a bunch of pillows and blankets out to my (near) empty van put our monitors on the floor of it and stayed up all night leveling our new toons. oh what good times.

thanks for the post! gave me a warm smile in this otherwise freezing garage (o well at least it keeps my beer cold!)