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The Light and How to Swing It: Retribution of patch 4.1 {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2011 7:11PM While the tone of the above comment is pretty belligerent, I can't say the content is wrong in any major way.
Alex, good wrap-up from a PVE standpoint; I'm told Prot was doing crazy self-healing (partially for threat, which is bad design), and I get why that was changed. I also agree it won't be a huge nerf on WoG for PVE ret. For pvp, it's huge.

Ret's survivability has been pretty poor this xpack. Now, I will give props for the new legit interrupt and pseudo-gap-closer, so I expected to lose a little, but "Train the Ret" is the official game in arenas. There are 13-ish rets rated in the highest brackets at last count, and every single one is dumping a half-dozen talent points, a glyph, and lots of HoPo and GCDs into WoG; it is our only real peel at the moment, and it's a good one. Combine very good (and occasionally ridiculous - I'm looking at you Eternal Glory/Divine Purpose/Selfless Healer/Zealotry overlap) off-healing, with very poor ret survivability and it becomes the go to strategy for any comp to faceplant the ret quickly and efficiently.

Ret survivability was quite poor before (the reason Sacred Shield was recreated), and the fact that we were dumping Zealotry into self-heals should be emphatic evidence for that point. Now that ret will have very limited access to efficient self healing, and will have less impetus to take talents that improve off-heals that can't be used as often either, we bring very little to an arena comp.

I'm not sure how the prot healing worked, but for ret, a much, much better solution would have been to remove or rebuild Eternal Glory, and/or ensure that it had some sort of ICD with DP. In PvP the main issue was the back to back to back to back RNG WTFBBQPWNZ heals on your teammates when the stars aligned and Venus was in the fifth house.

At this point, ret's offensive capabilities, though not perfect, are respectable. Ret needs slightly better defenses to avoid being the target of choice. If WoG stays nerfed, I would suggest that a talent to CS (that blandest of abilities) could have it generate X% of damage done in healing or a flat % of damage resistance for x seconds, giving us some mirroring of Death Strike or Bloodthirst, and complementing Divine Storm.

Upcoming battleground and honor changes {WoW}

Feb 18th 2010 2:54PM Gruv...honor from WG should not decrease. Total honor will probably increase. If you actually read the post, it states that the WG quest reduction is in compensation from the HK boost.

Since the honor weekly reward is actually honor in the form of X Honorable Kills, it's a wash.

If the reward is now 15 HKs, and HK honor is doubled while quest reward is halved, it will be 7.5 HKs x 2...or the same as before.

Blood Sport: Season eight team compositions {WoW}

Feb 16th 2010 5:25PM Lemons, I will agree on the hunter burst...kill shot in particular is beyond devastating at the moment. Warriors are kind of in the same boat, in terms of nearly unhealable damage.

Ret, however, is not anywhere near the top of the burst game anymore.
Looking at the initial list on the SK site, I was heartened by the number of paladins; in comps like Sham/Hunt/Pal and Druid/War/Pal, I basically assumed they were retadins - more fool me.

Some of those teams had a ret, to be sure, but most of them were double healing the physical burst kings, and understandably so. Ret is viable in 3v3 usually, almost exclusively, with a hunter or warrior to bring MS and damage - at this point the spec is a bit of pressure, a stun, and Hand spells for utility.
Many pallies go protribution (trying it myself), simply to make up for ret's weakness versus heals - better burst in the form of holy damage, and a shorter cd stun and 30 second cd blanket silence. Most of the rets putting out good damage are having to stack pve set bonuses, rep rings, and raid trinkets to keep pressure out; this is not unique, but it is unfortunate.

I hope when considering the spec for Cataclysm (since an overhaul seems doubtful before then), that the developers will consider trading out a bit of ret's damage for an interrupt, talented or baseline. Upping the skill cap on the class, even by a little, while simultaneously making it more flexible, would be a win/win scenario.

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day nine - BlizzCon goody bags {WoW}

Dec 25th 2009 12:09PM Joyeux Noel, et cetera.