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Preparing a money making strategy for Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Feb 17th 2012 11:23PM I've been doing this, focusing on non-heirloom slots like you said. So far I've just been buying LW mats, but as the xpac gets closer I might try to move into greens/BoEs as well. That being said, as soon as the xpac hits I'm not going to waste time crafting leveling gear - I'll just sell whatever I've made to that point. The real moneymaker in cata was PvP gear, and unless something radically changes I expect PvP gear to make me another half a million in MoP.

Top addons and UI settings for PvP {WoW}

Jan 4th 2012 9:50PM Wow no love for GladiatorlosSA? This is the single most important addon I've ever had for both arena and RBG - all you have to do is listen and you get to hear the whole battle. Most addons put huge icons on the screen that compete for your awareness, but this one just spits the ability names at you.

Seriously, if you get only one addon for PvP get this one. It's that important.

Breakfast Topic: Are you an Azerothian prankster? {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2011 10:29AM This admittedly wasn't my idea, but still one of the best pranks I've ever seen. This happened, of course, on Sargeras.

A few of my guildies were friendly enough in Wrath to know each other's account info, mainly for farming holiday bosses back before the dungeon finder. One night, we decide to prank a hunter in our guild with all the usual methods - no hearth, all gear and engineering items banked, etc. Then we took him to Alcaz Island.

On Alcaz Island is a mob called Doctor Weavil. This guy will MC you for 2 minutes (!) if you fight him, and once the MC wears off, the fight begins again. In other words, infinite MC. So we walked the poor hunter up to Doctor Weavil and Alt-F4'd.

(I think this is still doable, so feel free to repeat on your frenemies! Don't use a Night Elf Hunter though... he still had too many ways to escape.)

The OverAchiever: More Glory of the Cataclysm Hero {WoW}

Jan 27th 2011 5:08PM Thanks for the post! Would have really liked to see a guide for Headed South though... I know that's why I clicked on this article.

Breakfast Topic: What instance do you enjoy the most? {WoW}

Dec 21st 2010 1:37PM I guess I'll break it down by xpac:

Vanilla: It's gotta be VC, if only because of the sheer number of times I ran that with friends. I remember trying to go in there at 12/13 and spending hours. I remember learning to heal quickly to keep a whole group up when someone broke the CC. I remember standing on the water wheel every time we killed VC himself since we never could control the adds that well. Nothing beats this and I can't wait until I get it as a random on heroic.

BC: Shattered Halls, mainly for the tanking challenge. In an age of 3-target Swipe, no thrash, and Challenging Roar on a 10m cooldown, tanking the groups in here was a challenge like very little else. In fact, the only more challenging tanking experience I've had is trying to tank a Flame of Azzinoth in BT and failing, wiping the group, 12 times in a row before I got the hang of it.

Wrath: Overall very unpleasant memories of the instances here... there was never a challenge in the heroics. Ulduar was the real bright spot, as some of the hardmodes in there remained challenging to the end.

Cata: I keep getting Stonecore, and I must say I really like it for the tanking challenge on the last two fights especially. It took a 12 wipe fest to learn Ozruk but it is surprisingly fun now (especially since people keep QQing about how hard Stonecore is). HUGE dislike on VP - not sure what they were thinking on that second boss, but so much stuff can go wrong with the tornadoes that it just hasn't been worth the frustration (and it has not been fun to try to learn either).

Gold Capped: The downside of hoarding {WoW}

Dec 16th 2010 5:04PM I agree with this article in general, but I feel compelled to point out that the assumption that materials will cheapen over time is not always true. I've found a few exceptions to this rule that actually tend to make hoarding very profitable in some situations:

1) The very beginning of Cata. While material prices in the past started sky high and came down in a few days, the prices of Cata mats actually went up in the first few days on my server, due to having to be level 84 to finish leveling most professions. I went to the AH on day 1 looking for Savage Leather and noticed it going as low as 100g/stack with a few hundred listings; the combination of few profession levelers before 84 and the skinning bonanza created by hundreds of leveling players created a glut right away. I hoarded several hundred stacks of leather over the first few days, way before I planned to level, and had incredible profits waiting for me once I was able to get to 525 LW (as one of the first on the server).

2) Before the release of major patches. Whenever new patches are released, the mats for new crafted items are typically available off the PTR, and the less common mats can often spike in price. Arctic Fur did that for me several times; pre-Ulduar with the new recipes, and pre-Leather Trader (when stockpiling Heavy Borean Leather was very profitable).

3) Rare mats, before the recipes they are used in are widely available. I stockpiled Pristine Hides for as low as 40g each starting on day 1 of Cata for this reason; average price on my server now is about 250g.

Patch 3.3.3 PTR: New battleground mark conversion {WoW}

Feb 26th 2010 11:10AM Personally I'm planning to just hold on to my marks and get a head start on S9 with this.

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day five {WoW}

Dec 29th 2009 9:41AM I wants me a grunty!