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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Threatening {WoW}

Feb 19th 2010 4:04PM *every, wtb edit option!

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Threatening {WoW}

Feb 19th 2010 4:03PM @ joseph schafer
as far as addons monitering multiple mobs, try diamond threat meter, a little confusing to configure but u can moniter up to 6 mobs? has been awhile since i used this addon, or try tidyplates, and the threatmeter plugin for it, u can change the bars colors to show the amount of threat on each mob, and having a health bar above hostile/neutral mobs heads i find is very helpfull.

"Number crunching may not be very warrior-like, but the best tanks realise that gearing theory is as much a part of tanking as mashing your hotkeys. "

^this, behind ever top rated tank is a person obsessed with maxing there potential in every situation.

The Lawbringer: Contracts and the achievement tracker {WoW}

Feb 8th 2010 11:20PM "Can I blow you for crack?" – not an offer that can become a contract enforceable in court

LOL'd so hard i sprayed coffee all over my screen, also my computer is a touchscreen so after i blew coffee all over the screen i had to navigate my way back to this column from the's Wrath Starter Guide page!

Nice article, keep it up!

Breakfast Topic: Should we have to level every character? {WoW}

Feb 6th 2010 4:28PM @ ametrine
i disagree, last toon i leveled was my priest (hell of a grind). The day i stepped into raids was an entirely different world, no part of leveling taught me anything of raiding or heroics (and lets face it, pretty much everyone who gets to 80 has heroic running if not raids in mind) If your serious about your toon and want to learn how to play it properly you will do your research, look up specs on different websites, hit up forums for rotations and gearing, talk to someone with the same class that is experienced. The time it takes me to learn a flood of new abilities i would have from starting at a higher level is miniscule compared to the time the 1-80 grind would take me.

As far as inexperienced players go we are going to have them regardless of starting level, but those of us serious about playing our class will take the proper time to learn to play our class.

Addon Spotlight: Vuhdo {WoW}

Jan 30th 2010 5:33PM if your new to healing, try vuhdo first, waaaayyy easier to configure and customize to someone new to healing addons than healbot or grid/clique. ive used all three, didnt like healbot, i did like grid/clique but tried vuhdo and seemed to like it alot more just because its so easy to configure and mess around with.
i like haveing my frames showup as completly black when at full health then when the person takes damage, said amount of damage is added in color to the frame, makes it very easy to see color on an all black background to know who needs healz and who doesnt at a quick glance. but to each his own, healbot, grid/clique, vuhdo are all great addons but for me, gimme da vuhdo mon!

Breakfast Topic: What roles do you play? {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2010 8:55AM try out the addon called "vuhdo" a newer healing addon alot like healbot but i find way easier to set up, and a hell of alot more options. there is also alot of videos out there on youtube on how to set it up if your not the addon savvy/tinkerer type. bind your spells to mouse clicks, set up the group grid and start healing away, by far the best healing addon ive found and i have used healbot and grid/clique

sorry, not trying to advertise an addon but any new healer i see i try to point in that direction =-)

Breakfast Topic: What roles do you play? {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2010 8:49AM my main is a prot warrior offspecced fury, i leveled as prot and absouletly love tanking, my second lvl 80 is a disc/holy priest, just started raiding with my priest which has given me a whole new look on the game and i absolutely love healing, dpsing, meh its a fun change for an hour or to but i get bored way to easily. my next toon im going to level out is going to be my mage but i still know he could never replace my tank, although my tank has only been coming off the bench for raids, otherwise im spamming bubbles with my priest which is soooo much fun.

i honestly feel like if everyone who has a class at 80 that has a protection tree should give it a shot at least for a couple of months, youll learn things about the game you never knew, not to mention your situational awareness will go threw the roof because you are now required to focus on so maney more things. if you got a class that can tank, try it, give it a real shot, not a one heroic failure then quit, talk to a tank you know who is good and ask them for tips on rotation, gear selection, and how they go about handling a fight. trust me, yes we tanks can and do get pissy with the aggro stealing dps or the slow reaction healer at times but when a new up and coming tank is starting to ask me questions on how to tank it always brings a smile to my face and wants me to see them succeed.
oh, on a side note to any healer that is just hitting level 70 and up and wants to get a glimpse of what raid healing is like, go to AV, over and over again, stick with the main group, youll learn what buttons to push when and where they are located without the whole wipe feast from running heroics for the first time. i leveled my priest from 51-80 in AV and never had a single doubt in my mind that i knew what i was doing when i jumped into heroics shortly followed by raids.

Call for submissions: Bank alts {WoW}

Jan 21st 2010 8:03AM my lvl 19 gnome rogue twink "suckerpunch" has always been my bank alt (god i miss having 2k health and destroying people in wg) he has his own guild "usual suspects", all tabs, ive been kicking the idea around of leveling him now that "twinks" really dont exist.

Blood Sport: Protection warriors overpowered? {WoW}

Jan 20th 2010 7:04PM @moore

plz know the class and how the class operates in BOTH pve and pvp before posting.
The vast majority of readers you are going to get on this sight is pve'ers, and im willing to bet that the majority of big time arena players spend alot of time doing/enjoying pve content. (i have met very few arena only players out there, im sure they exist but compared to the number of pve players, or the pve/arena players, there (arena only)numbers are miniscule)

changes like you suggested are going to negetively effect a hell of alot more people than they are going to postively affect, hence all the downrated posts which i think are a result of your ill informed/thought up comments not just the usual pve player hateing on anything pvp.

im not to sure, but from what i have read from here as well as various other posts on different sights the problem is not our utility being over powered, its the armor pen. stacking prot warrior bursting you down to nuthin in a few secons flat. come up with a new stategy to handle them? you do have other players on your team you know, comunicate with them, and unless you dont comunicate with them your not going anywhere in arena no matter what your group comp is or your opponents. otherwise deal with it because the problem is going away as soon as xpac comes out anyways.

sorry im not trying to troll on moore but this column got me very fired up by all the replies that are obviously coming from someone who has never spent any amount of time as level 80 protection spec warrior.

and yes i am, and always will be a prot warrior who pve's most of the time but loves the arena, AND im not the only class that can global you to nothing in the span of a few seconds, seen it done and had it done to me maney times. trust me, prot warriors are not stepping into arenas and instantley owning any and everyone who goes up against them