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Breakfast Topic: Can't we all just get along? {WoW}

Aug 12th 2010 11:07AM @ Matt Rossi - Matt, I appreciate your comments. You're of course WAY more versed in the lore than I will ever be, and in light of your comments about Varian (and some others), it does indeed put him in a different light. I think if you get deeper into the lore this becomes apparent.

However, to the more casual player that has say completed the Wrathgate event and a few other things - Wrynn is depicted as rather one-dimensional. But, you have made me re-think my opinion of him! (even though I still think he's a little too quick on the trigger)

I think it's fascinating to read these comments. The point of the article was cross-faction co-op. The Varian Wrynn comment was really more of a tongue-in-cheek joke/jab than anything else (and I just love playing the Devil's advocate :) ). The emotional response of people coming to his defense or expressing their frustrations with him is truly eye-opening.

I have a lot of respect for you Matt - you're one of my favorite writers on this site. I will go and dig more deeply into Varian's past. Thanks for your comments.

World of WarCrafts: The WoW Soundtrack Project {WoW}

May 18th 2010 10:27AM Jejin,

Kudos to you and your music! It was really interesting to hear someone else's take on music for WoW. I do a classical music podcast called "All the Cool Parts", and I recently did an episode on the music of WoW with Randy Jordan from the Instance podcast. I'm also a Doctor of Music, and a professional composer. What you've done here, you should totally keep doing - and don't mind the nay-sayers man. If you do end up going on to study music in a University/Conservatory, be open minded - learn all you can - but absolutely don't let some academic try to convince you that music for games is a waste of time and/or irrelevant. Hold on to that love - I've seen far too many people come out of the University convinced that everything they loved when they came in is garbage, and that's a shame.

Keep writing music man - you have talent - bravo!