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Raid Rx: 7 pet peeves of healers {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2011 3:43AM DPS pet peeves (Yes, we are valid players, and we're allowed to have them too.):

Healers that have poor rotations: Seriously. Not every single healer that goes OOM mid-fight or after a fight is OOM because of poor choices made on the part of the rest of the group. This is also applicable to a healer who simply isn't geared enough for heroics.

Tanks who have less than 145k HP: This is a big one. I ended up in a group for Grim Batol the other night, with a tank who had 1k less HP than I did...and i'm a fury warrior. And no one else apparently saw a problem with that. Even after we wiped on the second boss twice, because the tank more or less got one-shotted by the forgemaster with the mace equipped (I will also mention that the tank didn't kite the boss or anything, he just stood there and tanked it. Even after mentioning that he'd done the fight before.). This is a problem I encounter far too often.

In regards to both of the above mentioned pet-peeves: Don't queue for heroics just because you upped one point on your iLevel just because it says you can. That's half the problem I tend to encounter. More than anything else. Tanks and healers who queue before they're really ready for heroics. Blizzard really needs to raise the iLevel requirements for heroics. This is more forgiving for DPS classes admittedly, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't apply to DPS classes as well.

Healers that don't move out of the fire.

Tanks that don't move out of the fire.

Tanks that suck at kiting a boss: First boss in The Lost City of whatever-the-hell-it's-called is a good example of this.

Tanks that don't mark a kill-order: Generally, you should know what mobs should die first, and if all else fails, you target what the tank is targeting. But unfortunately, i've run into a few people who think that if there's no skull or 'X' over a mob, it's free game. This has led to a few wipes. It makes it easier for a group if you just mark the mobs you want killed in whatever order pleases you. It's not that time-consuming either. A few times i've had to assume these duties because the tank either "didn't feel like it" or "didn't know what to mark". Also, not pre-selecting CC targets. That's another pet peeve.

Tanks that don't know the meaning of LoS pulls.

Tanks that don't know the meaning of CC pulls.

Tanks who rush in and pop and aoe spell and break CC without letting the uncontrolled mobs get far enough away to do so.

Sorry healers and tanks, you're not infallible either. You screw up just as much as us DPS do. You just have an easier time pinning it on other people, since you're "more valuable" to a group. I won't say that all healers or tanks suck, or even the majority of them. But you should acknowledge that some of you are bad, and do make mistakes, just like the rest of us.

Ghostcrawler responds to heroic dungeon difficulty complaints {WoW}

Jan 13th 2011 12:37AM Now, onto my own response to GC's post:

Don't you just love the posts where he kind of comes off as overly defensive and kind of a jerk? Honestly, while I understand what he's trying to say, he just comes off as an e-peen loving elitist neckbeard with the way he worded his post.

That aside, I got news for you GC, you screwed up your endgame/heroic design. No, no, I get that you wanted heroics to be truly heroic this time around. That you wanted epics to be something achieved with lots of work this time around. And you know what, i'm perfectly fine with that.

But you screwed up when you made heroics a brick wall, especially after your braindead decision to make Wrath content pathetically easy. Because you drastically ramped up the Cata heroics in difficulty, while keep Cata normals Wrath easy, you effectively taught no one anything about properly running BC/Vanilla type instances. You did nothing but give Wrath babies and people who had forgotten their time in Vanilla/BC more reason to keep their "GOGOGO LOLAOE" attitude. And how did you EXPECT them to act when they queued for their first heroic? You taught them nothing about CC or better awareness in fights. You taught them nothing about interrupts or LOS pulls, managing AOE or threat management. Instead, you just left Cata normals AOE fests like Wrath instances, and -that- is why pugging heroics suck so hard. That is why pugs are so hit and miss, why people are still impatient, and why half the people you come across don't know what "LOS pull" means.

The root of the problem honestly lies with Wrath, and Blizzard's poor decision to make everything -too- easy, but since that's been and done, the only other place to point the finger is Blizzard's mistake to make Cata normals too easy. They should have been training grounds and tutorials of a kind, but instead ended up no harder that your average heroic Wrath dungeon. Hell, I had harder times running heroic HoR or FoS than I did running normal Throne of the Tides or Halls of Grim Batol.

I understand that heroics are suppose to be -much- harder than normals, but when you gimp player skill and awareness for an entire expansion, and then throw them into the meat grinder the next expansion, without teaching them anything along the should expect complaints and pissed off people. Blizzard should honestly be apologizing for their design mistakes in Wrath and Cataclysm. They dropped the ball, and people who are stuck with running pugs are paying for it.

And just for the record, i'm a casual player. And yes, I do sound hostile. But I don't like the way GC came off in his post, and his complete dismissal of Blizzard's roll in all the problems with Cata endgame content.

Plus, the idea that any casual player should be forced to play with a guild or adopt a mindset that isn't to his preference is not the way to design your game. But all of this could have been avoided had the skills and awareness needed in Cata heroics been implemented and required for Cata normals.

Thanks Blizz for catering too much to the e-peen strokers, and destroying player skill with Wrath.

Ghostcrawler responds to heroic dungeon difficulty complaints {WoW}

Jan 13th 2011 12:22AM My previous post was a response to Berry's comment on page 5.

Ghostcrawler responds to heroic dungeon difficulty complaints {WoW}

Jan 13th 2011 12:21AM And you don't see a problem with that type of design? Forcing people to join large guilds/raid guilds/hardcore-elitist-epeen-waving jerks is not the way to design your endgame content (Especially if you're counting on your players to provide your income.). It's not fair to force people to play like that. It's the equivalent of forcing a player to roll a spec he doesn't like, despite having the option to play another, just because that's how endgame is designed.

And if they didn't want heroics to be usable with the LFG tool, why would they make heroics queueable through the LFG?

They needed to make Cata content harder, but either not -this- hard, or they should have made normals "training" grounds for heroics.

Breakfast Topic: Has Cataclysm let you down? {WoW}

Jan 11th 2011 9:11PM Cataclysm has been a pretty big let-down. Not because of one big thing, but because of so many smaller disappointments that have added up.

1. The difficulty scale between heroics and regular Cata instances. I understand and realize the concept of heroics being harder. But since it was obvious Blizzard wanted to move away from the WotLK mentality, why did they make regular Cata instances Wrath easy? They should have made CC and team work essential in regulars too, so that players (Especially Wrath babies) would have some better idea of how things work when moving up to Heroics. The regulars only gave the Wrath-minded folks more reason to continue their LOLAOE behavior, which is why heroic pugging sucks so hard right now.

2. Queue wait times. Not really anything can do about those, but I haven't had to wait this long for a random since the tool was first introduced. And before anyone says "Join a guild", I am in one, but it's a small guild of personal friends-- Most of whom aren't even at 80 yet, and the couple that are are obsessed with rolling new alts every day. I am not looking for a raiding guild or a hardcore PvE guild, so I get screwed with long wait times (And the fact that it's usually a 75% chance to end up with a heroic group that will fall apart quickly.).

3. Vashj'ir sucked. It really, really did. As someone stated earlier, it seems to be a zone people either really hate or really like. Navigation sucks in that zone, and aggroing mobs from thirty feet above you sucks too. And to be honest, it seemed like Blizzard's gimmick zone. Like the put in all the neat, unique, "fresh" quests, and left all the other Cata zones with your standard run-of-the-mill "kill x gather y" missions. I will admit the zone -looks- good though.

4. Ramping the scale up in max level content like they did. Let's face it, the laughably easy content in Wrath was a stupid idea. It made people bad at the game, and didn't teach new players of the Wrath generation the skills they now need. I'm glad we moved away from the easymode crap of Wrath, but at the same time, I don't think they should have made the content a brick wall for most people. Luckily, I still retained the skills I learned in vanilla/BC, so i've adjusted pretty well to it, but I can't say the same for a lot of people i've grouped with.

5. Five levels. Actually, i'm not even disappointed that we only got five levels. But I thought I remembered Blizz devs mentioning that they wanted 80-85 -feel- like ten levels. Yet, without even rushing, I was 85 in less than a week...and with absolutely nothing to do outside of gearing through heroics/dailies. It was kind of disappointing, and honestly really makes Cata feel like a content patch instead of an expansion.

6. With the exception of Uldum, which looked amazing, and Vashj'ir's admittedly admirable aesthetics, the other zones looked bland. This is personal preference I realize, but it's another reason why Cata just hasn't felt "epic" or "fresh" to me, unlike the previous two expansions.

7. Archaeology is obviously nowhere near where it should be in content. This is sad because i've found it to be strangely addicting, and at times more entertaining than running instances or doing quests. But there's clearly a lack of content within the profession. Not to mention that there are some design flaws. Some of the rarer digsites (I.E. Tol'vir) need to be seperate from other digsites. Instead of having to contend with other digsites on a continent, they should be on a cooldown. You dig one or two in Tol'vir, you have to wait an hour or two before they pop up again. It's beyond irritating when you do twenty or thirty digsites in Kalimdor for maybe two or three Tol'vir digsites (And you've discovered all the Night-elf/Fossil/Troll/Dwarf artifacts.). A great addition to the game, but it needs work and more content.

8. The feeling that casuals are being forced to play hardcore or run with guilds that aren't to the preference to get anywhere at this point in the (end)game. LFG sucks at this point, and the only way to really get anywhere in heroics without slogging through an abundance of failgroups and wipes is frustrating. It really does seem like Blizzard decided to cater to the 5% elite crowd this time around. As much as I like the return of CC and strategy, they also did a crap job of preparing people for endgame difficulty in the content between 80-85.

9. Mastery and the fact that it's been heaped by the metric crapton on almost every single piece of gear. This is a class/spec (Fury warrior) and personal complaint. Since they were touting this as the new cool and "hip" stat for everyone, then why did they make it mediocre to worthless for some classes, and then on top of it, put it on almost every piece of gear you come across? This in turn makes it harder to hit stat caps, since reforging can only do so much.

10. Female worgen and the male worgen dance. 'Nuff said.

All in all, i'm pretty disappointed with this expansion. I really wish Blizzard would have held off on releasing this expansion for another few months, so it could have shipped with more content. They also should have kept more of a balance between catering to the elite and to the casual players too.

And as someone mentioned in an earlier comment, this expansion is just missing something-- a feeling, if you will. I was super hyped and excited when I got Wrath. This time around, I was just "meh". I don't plan on quitting quite yet, but i'm already burned out on this expansion, and I haven't rushed -anything-. I can't say I felt like this with the previous two expansions.

All the World's a Stage: Can't find the roleplay, page 2 {WoW}

Jan 5th 2011 4:22AM For starters, i'd like to give metalsyko a huge thumbs up for making the best comment to date on this article. He's absolutely right.

But I think that there are also some things that weren't addressed in his post. From the wording of your article, especially the first few paragraphs, it seems to me that you're saying that 9 times out of 10 it's the roleplayer themselves that are responsible for not being able to find RP, and that cliques and elitists are practically non-existent. I certainly can't disagree with the basic ideas your article is trying to convey, but I would like to go ahead and say that the problem being the RPer themselves is far lower than the 9 out of 10 ratio your article seems to imply.

For starters, i've been around a myriad of RP servers, whether it be to scout out the community for a potential transfer, to staying on a server for a long period of time as an active RPer. And i've learned a few things, and I can tell you, cliques and elitists exist in larger numbers than you give credit.

Wyrmrest is a great example of this. I spent a couple months on this server about half a year ago, and again for a week or so. On both occasions, I noticed that while the server was very active, most RP tended to happen between either small "groups" (Cliques) of players or inter-guild. These "groups" would refuse to acknowledge anyone not within their group, even if you had a valid reason to throw yourself out there for RP, and even if you had a character that was "correct". They simply had their friends, and didn't want to include anyone else. As much as you want to deny it, it's there.

Elitists are another thing. These are the people that walk around on a high horse, and can and -will- find anything wrong with your RP, even if you're a veteran, whose character fits the setting (And isn't a "Sue" for that matter.). Seriously. You want proof they exist, look at the realm forums, and read some of the topics, or posts from some of people who play on said realms, regarding RPers, and tell me i'm wrong. In fact, I remember not long after I transferred to a realm (Which will remain nameless-- I don't want to start crap with someone who calls said realm their home.), I went browsing the official realm forum, and was disgusted by what I saw. A ten-page long thread of some of the biggest and most well known RPers (On the server.) bashing specific RPers and certain class/race combos. A ten-page long circle elitist jerk. That, more than anything hurts RP and the community as a whole.

And then you have the older servers with smaller communities. I am, currently, on a smaller RP server. It's old, but the community is very small these days. And I can tell you straight up, that RP simply doesn't exist much outside of guild RP. It has it's own RP channel, and sometimes you can find people who are willing to RP, and on the rare occasion, you can find RP by wandering around the RP "hub", but only rarely. And as metalsyko stated, outsiders are generally treated with suspicion, and are rarely accepted from the get-go. This doesn't make it easy for a new roleplayer (Who, for example, doesn't feel like being subjected to the horrors of Moon Guard.) to find RP. Not to mention that with such a small community, most people have to rely on RP guilds to RP. That, in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing, but some people also don't want to RP in a guild, and much prefer the spontaneous fun of random RP to pre-structured RP.

I certainly won't deny that there are cases where a person's behavior or their characters are either causing or contributing to their inability to find RP. But I think, more often than not, it's the community, and varying factors within it (Keep in mind that not all servers have the same community.), that find people with a lack of RP than anything else.

Well-written article, but I think the writer is paying way too little attention to elitists and cliques in RP communities.

Oh, also...

"Take a look at that list again -- specifically, the list of interactions. Try something a little different and look at it backwards: I was doing Y, and X happened. Now put yourself in the shoes of the other party. You were quietly and happily roleplaying with a group, when someone popped up, interrupted and tried to take over the conversation. How would you feel if you were in that situation?"

That's all very well, if it were done in private, and in a private conversation. If you're RPing in a public location (I.E. A busy tavern.), and expect not to have someone try to "get in on some RP", then you should have picked a better place to RP. When I RP in a public place, I expect things like this to happen, and do my best to include people who want "in". Not to mention that most random and non pre-structured RP happens through someone striking up a conversation or joining a conversation. You're essentially discouraging people from doing this. While there are certainly guidelines to attempting to jump into a conversation, I certainly wouldn't discourage this. It would make the tavern setting in the game almost pointless.

And think about it. If you were discussing some "Super secret plan to kill so-and-so", would you do it in a crowded tavern? Or anywhere, for that matter, where someone -could- jump in (Or overhear?) on the conversation? I know in real life that I don't talk about anything private or sensitive in public, where people can overhear me, and put themselves into my conversation. Not to mention that i've ended up in numerous wonderful RP situations through random comments on a conversation a table over and things like that.

tl;dr: RPing in a public place (I.E. A tavern) opens you up to other people jumping in. If you don't want that, don't RP in a public location. Of course, you do have the option of politely declining the unwanted player, or leaving to a more secluded area.

The problem of Outland in Cataclysm {WoW}

Nov 30th 2010 11:56AM Late post on an old article. But for anyone who happens to breeze by it, and check the comments, here's some good news for you.

As of Blizzcon 2010, Blizzard has stated (During the WoW Q&A panel if I remember correctly) that they plan to update both Outland and Northrend to conform with the current time period of Azeroth. They didn't make any estimates on a release for such an update, and did not say whether we'd see any updated Outland or Northrend during Cataclysm's reign, but they did say they were planning on doing it at some point. I think it was actually Metzen who responded to the question, and said that the time inconsistancy of both zones with new content was presenting a thorn in their side lore-wise.

I'd estimate seeing the changes with the fourth expansion, after Cataclysm. After all, Blizzard has more than enough on their plate with Cataclysm, and they most likely just didn't have the time to get around to updating either zone at the present time.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Six years of trends {WoW}

Nov 28th 2010 5:13AM I like how they nerfed whirlwind, which had already become an almost completely unused ability with the 4.01 patch. I also like how they nerfed slam, which is already near worthless these days (I play a PvE fury warrior.). It's also great that they nerfed the crap out of bloodthirst and raging blow (Which is still a shitty ability imo, because it works off a prot, which, if not up leaves you with two abilities to spam constantly.)...and cleave. And all this has me hard pressed generating rage. Before patch 4.03, I had no problem generating rage with normalization. Now? I'm starved for rage most fights. Went from 6.5-7.5k overall dps in heroics to 4k-5.2k average.

Really? I don't QQ often, but I generally don't feel the hurt of playing a warrior like I am now.

Drama Mamas: Breakup drama {WoW}

Nov 27th 2010 7:13AM To the letter writer,

Been through a similar situation as yours. Dated a chick (Actually met her on WoW), and after a nasty valentine's day breakup, ended up facing the same problem as you.

What did I do? I just left the server, plain and simple. Sure, it sucks, and sometimes I do miss my old server. But because I don't like her, or want to be around her (Add to the fact it's an RP server, and we're both RPers.), I made the choice to just leave. Saves me the hassle of having to worry about running into her, being in the same group, etc. There are plenty of other servers out there, and plenty of chances to make new friends online or off. Perhaps your RL friends wouldn't mind transferring with you? I know some people who've done that before.

Either way, that's my recommendation. From what it sounds like, the guy sounds fine about staying out of contact with you. So if you don't want to leave the server, just stop contacting -him-, and you'll be fine. Sure, you made a deal, but maybe he decided he wanted to stay? You can't always expect someone to honor an agreement, especially when it concerns something as trivial as a game. So you probably should've/should take action with that in mind. Basically, he didn't leave the server, so the only person you can control is yourself. So look at what -you- can do to fix the situation for yourself.

Contacting him is not what you should have done. Obviously you don't want to be around him. So why contact him? If he didn't honor your agreement in the first place, why do you think all of a sudden asking him to transfer is going to change anything? It won't. Trust me, been there, done that. My advice is to just leave the server. Find a new one, make new friends, and see if any of your old server friends wouldn't mind joining you. Don't forget, we have RealID now, so you can still speak to your old friends cross-server.

Hope you find this helpful, because I know the situation sucks.

Breakfast Topic: Real ID or Real bad IDea? {WoW}

Jul 8th 2010 5:02AM Dammit, the comment thing didn't put spacing in my damn comment. Sorry for the somewhat giant wall-o-text. I do hope people read it and take the time to consider what i'm saying.

Also, i'd like to add, in regards to people saying that the anti-RealID people are the vocal minority, consider this:

It's true that the majority of people with WoW accounts don't use the forums, so they don't matter in this. So we take them completely out. We don't count them then, since they have no stake in this, and thus, are not a part of this debate.

This does however, affect the people who use the forums. Consider the survey on this website, and all the thousands upon thousands of responses on the official forums, and whatever other surveys or comments are out there on other sites. And consider that some forum users may not have gotten the news yet, or just have no idea any of this is happening.

Among the ones that do know, I think it's pretty safe to say that an -overwhelming- majority of the forum goers are opposed to this idea. And do you think the people unawares would think too much differently? Or that their differing opinions would tip the scales in favor of the opposite side? I doubt it. What you have is a majority, who is very vocal, and very angry about the changes that are planned. Remember, you cannot consider people who don't use the forum, since they have no stake in any of this. But amongst the people who actually use the forums, I think it's safe to say that the majority -really- doesn't want these changes.