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1 to 60 in 48 Hours? {WoW}

Mar 27th 2006 9:06AM It shouldn't, but it's not happening in WoW anyway.


Breakfast Topic: Age boundaries {WoW}

Mar 15th 2006 8:21AM "that the player was younger than me took some time to sink in."

Oh beleive me, discovering that the "woman" you're married to in the game is actually a man is a bit harder to grasp. ;)


"iTunes movie service" in the offing? We think not. {Engadget}

Mar 2nd 2006 12:16PM It's a bit funny how Apple is becoming one of the most romured and talked company around these days - iPod, iTunes, Mac Mini Intel duo core..


Optimus Keyboard shipping February 1st? {Engadget}

Jan 8th 2006 1:31PM A little less than a good celular phone, eh?


Nokia's BH-800 Bluetooth headset: small, but not the smallest {Engadget}

Jan 4th 2006 3:00PM I wonder how relevant the weight becomes when it's under 50 grams anyway =...