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Breakfast Topic: I don't like the word 'toon' {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 11:32AM I also really hate the word "toon". It makes it sound like playing WoW is something that should only be done on Saturday mornings. I prefer "avatar", or referring to them as my paladin, druid, etc.

Breakfast Topic: Will your pandaren fit into your character naming convention? {WoW}

Mar 24th 2012 10:15AM I generally try and use names that are drawn from whatever real world culture most corresponds with the race (which is easier in some races than others!), and have a meaning appropriate to the character in question. Pandarens will easily fit into this, and I am looking forward to picking one out.

How to fix professions for Mists of Pandaria: An open letter to Blizzard {WoW}

Mar 12th 2012 5:39PM I agree- more engineering stuff would be awesome, especially multiple sets of goggles, and more stuff with cogwheels. Cogwheels were a great idea, but you dropped the ball on it. How about cogwheels you can add to gloves or belts too, like a cogwheel socket? The other thing I would like is a way to make money- portable forges is a good idea. More pets, mounts and gadgets are always welcome too!

WRUP: Tyler's Valentine's Day wish {WoW}

Feb 18th 2012 12:22AM I love that card!!! So adorable!

Heart of the Aspects mount now available for $25 {WoW}

Feb 15th 2012 9:53AM I am a little disappointed that this is a purchasable instead of an achievement mount. I don't mind micro transaction stuff, but this mount in particular would have been a fun little reward for retrieving the dragon soul in the dungeon series.

Breakfast Topic: What is your class theme song? {WoW}

Feb 14th 2012 4:52PM For Paladins, it should be "Sophia" by The Cruxshadows. Consider the following lyrics:

Through these doubts and through your confusion
Know that you are chosen to this fight
Look to find a soul filled with compassion
Look to see a living source of Light

The rest of the song is just as perfect for paladins!

Phat Loot Phriday: Iron Boot Flask {WoW}

Jan 27th 2012 9:43PM @ Tsuki- you're right- why did I think I got it from trial of the crusader? Still easy to get though :-)

Phat Loot Phriday: Iron Boot Flask {WoW}

Jan 27th 2012 9:40PM It's the Red Sword of Courage, and it drops from Trial of the Crusader (dungeon, not raid) so it's pretty easy to farm up for transmog. I personally think its one of the most attractive sword models in the game!

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Spectral Kitten loot code from {WoW}

Jan 1st 2012 1:28PM Wow, this is so awesome! Hope I win the roll!