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WRUP: Just say no to Brandon Tartikoff {WoW}

Feb 24th 2012 9:30PM Oh man, I miss the days of selling Bloodthistle on an RP server... Yeah that's right, I played a dealer.

How to assemble coordinating transmog gear sets for your hunter or shaman {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2012 7:46PM I generally try to go more simplistic with my weapon choice right now because I think weapons tend to be a very personal choice for players. Most I notice go with something very specific that they have fond memories with, or a really big and fancy piece from BC which would draw attention away from the outfits I put together. So I usually downlplay the weapon so people can sort of self-insert their own weapon in there. That said, this week I was going for a PvP look since I haven't done much with PvP gear yet. The scalper shares a model with a PvP axe that never ended up being released. =D

Yak mounts lumbering your way in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Feb 21st 2012 8:25PM Centipedes references... Oh Sacco.

Spiritual Guidance: Priests, shields and AoE healing in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Feb 21st 2012 3:37PM Look at HM kills before the January nerfs. You'll see far fewer priests.

Why do you think discouraging discrimination in pugs is whacky?? We should be working against discrimination, and toward the idea of "bring the player not the class." The problem is if there isn't representation of all classes at the highest level, it trickles down and affects raiders at all levels, especially in pugs. Raiders in high level guilds develop the strats that most people end up using, and when guilds or groups have trouble killing fights, they go and look at kill videos. People really aren't that smart, and if they see a kill with 3 paladin healers they're going to think "I need 3 paladins to kill this."

In that sense, I address the casual raider by talking from a high end perspective. If I wrote for casual raiders, every column would basically be like this "It doesn't really matter what you do, just keep your assignment alive" because that's really all it takes to down easy mode content as a healer once you know the basic mechanics of the fight. It's about you and everyone in the fight getting the mechanics right and sort of doing your job, not doing your job to the best of your ability. Normal mode raiding is about knowing the fight, hard mode raiding is about knowing the fight and how your class fits into it. I can write from a less hardcore perspective it would be a great disservice to many people who are looking for a certain amount of detail.

I don't really see how you can call me cranky based on one column, btw. What was the last column I ever wrote that was full of complaints? If I went and looked up everything you wrote, and found one thing where you were being critical of something and used it to assume your overall demeanor, do you really think that would be fair? Please don't assume things about me or my personality for offering up criticism. It's insulting. =/

Spiritual Guidance: Priests, shields and AoE healing in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Feb 21st 2012 2:38PM Puntable, that's not Holy Nova, that's Circle of Healing with a cast time before it was made into a smart heal. Circle of Healing used to heal targets within 15 yds of the person you targeted regardless of their health. It didn't prioritize players who were low.

CoH also used to be spammable, with no cooldown. It's gone through a lot.

I really think they're going to have to keep the mechanics of Holy Nova, otherwise it's just not going to be Holy Nova. If they're going to give us something target based, they might as well give us PoH back or give us CoH.

Spiritual Guidance: Priests, shields and AoE healing in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Feb 21st 2012 2:29PM Competitive raiding says otherwise, unfortunately. Bunch of paladins, shaman (at least this past tier), one disc priest for raid cooldowns, no holy priests, no druids. Holy priests and druids are both specialized as high output raid healers, and no one needed them because they brought nothing but healing, and shaman and paladins already bring that PLUS cooldowns. You can't keep niche healing, when the niches aren't part of the fights. Right now you Shaman and Paladin are desirable for being able to do everything well and utility. Raids depend on utility more than anything right now. That's why a disc priest is brought despite his abysmal healing output compared to every other class.

For the most part some of the stuff I talk about doesn't affect the average casual raider, whose raid teams don't care what class they are as long as they heal. Who is affected by this is high end raiders, the second tier of competitive raiders (who take their strats from the top guilds), and pugs, who discriminate based on what they've been told is good or bad for a fight/tier/expansion. Disc priests were good from tier 7 to tier 10, but you couldn't find a pug that thought so til about tier 10.

Spiritual Guidance: Priests, shields and AoE healing in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Feb 21st 2012 2:21PM Also, Eberron, I do think Holy Nova is going to have to stay somewhat like it is now. If it changes too much, it'll just be POH, or Circle of Healing.

I do think an AOE with the player as the center can work, though Ultraxion is probably a bad example since there isn't any movement in it! =) Any fight where there is stacking will favor something like or similar to Holy Nova.

Spiritual Guidance: Priests, shields and AoE healing in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Feb 21st 2012 2:14PM I think I'm going to go another week and tackle stuff I didn't get to talk about this week, like Atonement. That way I can flesh out a good answer for you =O

Spiritual Guidance: Priests, shields and AoE healing in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Feb 21st 2012 2:13PM That's only been speculated so far. We're not really sure if it'll work like Lux's spell from League of Legends or if it's just going to be a cone heal with a fancy graphic. I'm hoping it'll work the way you mention, but I have no idea just yet.

I don't think the damage thing will become an issue though. Atonement is a utility, and the damage from Holy Nova currently is also a utility. You get much more heal from them than damage, and the healing isn't that good... just something to utilize if there is absolutely nothing else to do most of the time. (There are occasional fights where these become the best option for healing, but they're exceptions to the norm.) If a Monk does good DPS he has to do low healing - you can't have a class bring good DPS and good healing or else your raid would drop every class. It's a balance issue and I don't think Blizzard will be able to manage it without changing up every healing class.

Spiritual Guidance: Priests, shields and AoE healing in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Feb 21st 2012 2:07PM Spells should still get stronger with better gear though, correct? Otherwise there'd be no reason to gear healers. You'd never be able to outgear content. Either way they approach should work.

My major issue with Greater Heal to Heal, is that right now you get a little more HPM from Heal than you do with Greater Heal, yet they share the same cast time. Heal as it is, isn't a bad spell, but it's not really ideal for raiding. Too much damage occurs in a short period of time that by the time you've started casting it, too many things have changed. It makes sense to wait for Greater Heal because you're using it because you need a big heal. Using Heal is supposed to be filler between all the other big spells with cooldowns and such... if you can't even finish casting it before you're tempted to cancel cast and do something else, why would you ever use it? Whether you can or can't spam one or another (I did plenty of gheal spam, even with bad gear in tier 11) Heal needs to be looked at. I'd really prefer if Blizz gave it a 2 second cast, (made Spirit Shell 2.5 to be fair) It doesn't have to be 1.5 but at least make it competitive with something. To a 25-man raider in particular, the only reason to use heal is when you're OOM, and even then you're better off waiting for something better to be off cooldown.

For the most part you should always be casting, and there should be one decent spell that you cast when you're out of things to cast. It should be Heal, not Greater Heal, but because of how poor Heal is... It's Greater Heal.