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Spiritual Guidance: The four best things about Cataclysm for shadow priests {WoW}

Aug 28th 2010 10:20PM So what *is* the deal with VE? I'm not in the beta, but I'm with Fox in the sense I try to do what I can to contribute to group success so 2/2 in IVE is a given; I count that as part of the utility that I bring as a hybrid. I'd hate to see that lost, given the massive increases in health pools in Cata (granted, it doesn't do much as it is anyway, but I figured that it actually might get a buff come Cata...silly me).

Spiritual Guidance: For the love of Lightwell {WoW}

Jun 14th 2010 12:20AM Ignore the became in the first sentence. WTB edit button.

Spiritual Guidance: For the love of Lightwell {WoW}

Jun 14th 2010 12:18AM I actually became was a little ashamed to bring LW out during ICC when I respecced back into it. But, I found that it did have uses, and now virtually everyone expects it placed out my raids. Just a few examples:
1. tanks running from side to side in 10-man ICC LDW (place it in the middle as they run by) or when people are moving from her DnD
2. healing for the mark on DS (granted, this was a lot more important when the zone-wide buff wasn't as high as it is now). It's especially nice when a healer gets it, since with Healbot or what have you there's no worry about DPS switching targets from the blood beasts, etc.
3. along a path that someone may use in running from the orange goo in the PP fight (granted, they may not be able to snag a click of it, but it's worth a shot).
4. in the designated meeting spot for people being hit by BQL's "link" effect (might as well click it since you generally are going to have to move back to your original position before resuming DPS or what have you and there is constant raid-wide damage anyway).
5. also as another "go here" marker for Sindy's icetombs, especially during P2...have them click on it right before they are encased to help cover the damage of the actual entombment itself.

Just a couple of ideas. Yes, it takes some training, but it's bee well worth it!

Spiritual Guidance: Triage {WoW}

Apr 25th 2010 11:18PM I have to admit that I've enjoyed the infinite-mana game of LK. I admit, I've become quite spoiled--but spoiled to the point that I don't enjoy healing as much as I used to when it was like "Wow! I can't run out of mana! This is COOL!"

So, in a way, I'm intrigued with the ideas Blizz has put out there in regards to making healing more fun. Seems almost paradoxical to what I said above, but I enjoyed the mana-management game of BC as well. There was something to be said for having enough mana in the tank (so to speak) to be able to go the length of the fight that was required. I felt accomplished and, yes, like the hero when I was able to keep the raid alive for them to kill the boss. There was nothing more frustrating than calling out over Vent that "I'm OOM" knowing that that is prettymuch going to lead to a wipe. I felt almost ashamed when that happened. But, it led to me becoming a better healer by following the strategies necessary to conserve mana. It just seems to me that I'll have to dust off those skills once more!

Spiritual Guidance: ICC-10 gear guide for holy and discipline priests {WoW}

Jan 24th 2010 10:49PM I appreciate the analogy of why you should gear up DPS before healers, but I've found it already difficult enough to gear up a healing priest when you're competing with other healing priests, spriests, locks, and sometimes boomkin and trees for non-hit spellpower gear and being more or less locked out of bidding/rolling on cloth that has hit on it because it is a useless stat for us.

Thus, I would have taken the upgrade and been grateful. :)

The Queue: Strictly business. {WoW}

Jan 8th 2010 8:26PM I asked the question the other day regarding assurances that the more famous posters on the comment section are who they say they are. You said there are famous people that post here all the time, but you can't name who they are. Fine, you protect their privacy, and that's great. So, how 'bout this: are there famous posters here who would be known outside the WoW community, or are they strictly WoW celebrities, as it were?

The Queue: Fantastic! {WoW}

Jan 4th 2010 4:41PM What assurances are there that someone famous (I'm thinking Felicia Day) that comments in the Comment Section is actually who they say they are?