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Good at raiding? Come work for Blizzard {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2011 9:30PM I actually agree with this guy's constitutional complaints, at least. Most states in the Union look at California with a general attitude of 'WTF, mate?'. One of their major cities actually banned fast food despite the protests of its citizenry. It's like a bastion of strangeness.

It's probably hypocritical for me to talk about strangeness, though. I live near Miami. Our weirdness generally tends to involve alligators rather than bureaucrats, though.

Good at raiding? Come work for Blizzard {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2011 9:27PM Come join us, Rai.

Come join us...

Breakfast Topic: Do you have a favorite race? {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2011 4:46PM Tauren. Are. Awesome. And they are THE best race to wear the Savage Saronite Battlegear.

Know Your Lore: Update on current Horde politics {WoW}

Apr 18th 2011 10:21AM @Noyou:

A big race requires a lot of lumber, and you would think they would have arrived at this conclusion just from common sense. Also, remember that the Night Elves first started picking off the peons the moment they started cutting down the trees. My real problem here is that they didn't even bother to send envoys first. I'm sure Grom would've said no, we're not leaving, come and get a piece of me if you think you're hard enough because I am a frigging orcish Kratos, but it's just the fact that they didn't even bother to try and ask for peace that bothers me. Thrall, at least, would've accepted it in a heartbeat. He DID go out of his way to help an oppressed people group leave the Barrens and establish their own nation, so if the Night Elves had approached him and offered peace, he would probably have gone out of his way to make up for the few supposedly sacred trees Grom had already cut down (and more than just those trees were grown back in about an instant when Cenarius had his little temper tantrum).

The Orcs need supplies that only the forest can provide even to this day, and they won't let them have it without going down kicking and screaming. Meanwhile, Garrosh is fighting a multi-front war so he can give his people what they need to survive. Garrosh is much smarter than Thrall in a lot of ways. The most important thing he has realized that Thrall has not, imo, is that the races of Azeroth can no longer coexist. The humans want to butcher the orcs for no reason because Varian told them to, the orcs need the Night Elven territories if they want to survive for much longer, and both the humans and the Forsaken have been at each others throats already for years. War is unavoidable at this point, but since it's a war that the Horde MUST win if it is to survive, he is determined to come out on top. Curiously, he doesn't expect his troops to win this war 'by any means necessary' - he still wishes for his men to fight honorably. He understands more than anyone else the consequences of the Orcs descending into barbaric behavior - remember Nagrand? He was in a horrible depression because he was certain he would become his father when he started to lead. Everyone else knew his belief was unfounded, but he had so much fear of that sort of path, and so little faith in himself, that he was paralyzed to act. You can tell his confidence is pretty low in Wrath, as well. He's constantly overdoing things, constantly trying to live up to the 'fighting spirit of the Horde'. He had to use an iron fist to hold the Horde together for the first week or so of his leadership. But I think his mentoring from Saurfang and his leadership experience is kicking in. He knows when to kill and when not to kill, he's courageous on the battlefield, and expects the Horde to fight with dignity and valor. Because if the Horde doesn't act honorable in front of the Alliance, then human racism will continue, and these wars will never end.

Know Your Lore: Update on current Horde politics {WoW}

Apr 18th 2011 2:05AM I really like Garrosh now. Looking back at Burning Crusade, even when he was being a stupid whiner, Greatmother Geyah said that deep down, he was a wise leader. And at this point, I think that's true. He's been through some extremely rough spots, just because he's never led anything on this scale before. But in general, he wants what's best for his people. And he's hardly the most trigger-happy person in the game. Y'know who's REALLY trigger happy?

Night Elves.

Bear with me on this for just a second. This struck me while I was doing quests for the Cenarian Expedition in Zangarmarsh on my alt yesterday. Watcher Leesa'oh asked me to get samples from Ogres in the Hewn Bog. I had to kill these ogres to get the samples. In fact, I wound up murdering about twenty. Before you say 'But they were deforesting the marsh!', know that Leesa'oh didn't even know why it was called 'Hewn Bog'. She had no idea what the ogres were doing. She just wanted you to kill ogres.

So this got me thinking. I remembered back to Warcraft III, where the Night Elves make first contact with the Orcs. Grom had been sent into the forest to harvest lumber so the Orcs could build a city. Kalimdor was their Promised Land, and they wanted a place to settle down and build a city to shelter their elders and young. Enter the Night Elves. Several scouts run into the Orcish expedition, and their first reaction is, quote, 'You were right, sisters. These greenskins have no respect for life. Slay them all, in Elune's name!'

Sorry, my Irony Indicator just exploded. There is no race in WoW other than the Night Elves that 'grows' buildings with druidic magic (and even they don't do it for all of them). Even the Tauren, who at this point worked very closely with the Night Elves, would've had to cut down trees to build the support beams for one of their tents. They are very familiar, at this point, with the concept of cutting down a tree to build a house. So the first thing these 'respecters of life' do when they make first contact with a newer race that also is not enlightened about better ways to build things is brutally murder the new people's women and children. They never open talks or negotiation. They just start killing.

When humans move in along with the orcs, they don't open talks with them either. They kill them too. It's only when Archimonde is beating down their door that they even consider teaming up with the Orcs and Humans, who, just for the record, managed to set aside their differences pretty much as soon as they were asked to by Medivh, and this was after centuries of bloody, destructive conflict, as well as racism on both sides in the years that had followed. The Night Elves had never met any of them. But still, they had trouble accepting the fact that maybe they SHOULDN'T kill them all. During the Frozen Throne, we watch a elven woman go totally insane over trying to kill one specific person, even after that person attempts to (in his eyes) make up for those crimes tenfold. She even leaves Tyrande to be destroyed by the Scourge over it. In World of Warcraft, we see that the Orc/Elf situation hasn't improved at all, despite the fact that the Night Elves should have great ties to the Horde, as they are long-standing allies of the Tauren. Instead of allowing the Orcs to cut down a few trees and build a settlement in a lush region where their people can thrive, they force Thrall to settle in a desert if he wants to maintain the peace. In a DESERT. After wrongly attacking both the Horde and the Alliance, and wrongly butchering everything from high-ranking Paladins to Orc grunts and peons, they won't even let the Orcs have a sliver of fertile Kalimdor territory to make amends. And they - surprise! - try to kill the Orcs who stay in Ashenvale.

I started to like Garrosh when I first leveled my Tauren Sunwalker alt. Now that I've thought about this, it makes me like him even more. I fought in his war to rid Ashenvale of the Night Elves, and I will fight in his righteous crusade until we tear down the city of Darnassus itself!

Because these filthy purple-skins have no respect for life.

The Queue: Dark Phoenix Alchemy Lab {WoW}

Apr 17th 2011 4:07PM Oh, and I almost forgot Nalice, who is still standing about five feet from Alexstrasza and is surrounded by red dragons. The very same dragons who recently ordered the total extermination of every last remaining black dragon.

The Queue: Dark Phoenix Alchemy Lab {WoW}

Apr 17th 2011 4:02PM While the new questing is pretty awesome, some of it is undoubtedly half-assed. The ogres in Dustwallow have apparently only recently fled their homes from the black dragonflight, nobody told the Cenarion Circle that C'thun is dead and the Qiraji vanquished, and Garrosh is an intolerable whiner in Outland. Also, the Lich King springs up every few minutes in Northrend and talks about how awesome he is and how he's gonna get you soon, just twenty levels after you've left a world that has drilled into your head that the Lich King is dead, and the Scourge is in full retreat.

The Queue: Dark Phoenix Alchemy Lab {WoW}

Apr 17th 2011 3:57PM Troll much, Sky?

Garrosh Hellscream: Then and now {WoW}

Apr 16th 2011 6:36PM You can have them. I personally log on to an Alliance character every once in a while so that I can storm through Silverpine, Gilneas, Tirisfal, and Western Plaguelands murdering forsaken NPCs while mindlessly bellowing "FOR THE HORDE!!"

I HATE the forsaken. I've never understood why we let them in the Horde, but for now, I hope they remain under the Kor'kron's jackboot for a while to come.

The Daily Quest: Who what how {WoW}

Apr 16th 2011 6:29PM Doesn't Varian like, split himself in two or something in the comic series? What's up with that?