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In defense of care packages and mandatory authenticators {WoW}

Jan 11th 2010 12:16PM I had my account hacked not too long ago.

-I have current antivirus software with definitions updated bi-weekly.
-I regularly do malware scans on all the computers on my network.
-I do not share my account info.
-I do not visit disreputable sites.
-I do not fall for phishing scams.
-I do not run frivolous 3rd party WoW mods: only DBM, Recount and Omen.

It was the result of a key logger trojan getting on to my home network. It came in through my roommate's computer due to Flash not being on the very most current version on that machine.

I am internet savvy (I am A+, MCSE and Network+ certified, I know my way around a personal computer).

These things are not always the result of people being ignorant or careless, sometimes they just happen. If it didn't happen to you, then I am glad for your good fortune, however, do not mistake that luck for invincibility. Trust me, account theft can happen to anyone.

I support the idea of mandatory authenticators. It would saved thousands of man hours for their customer service department, which gets very expensive very fast. And the more profitable an endeavor is, the better the resource distribution becomes in improving that enterprise.