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Arcane Brilliance: Great balls of fire {WoW}

Jun 13th 2010 11:33AM My guess as to how Flame Orb will be tuned for either AoE or single target? Make it so it causes a certain amount of damage...every tendril that goes out reduces the remaining damage potential. So against a boss with no adds, the boss gets the full brunt of the spell, but against a pack of mobs, it is spread out amongst them.

Arcane Brilliance: Love letters {WoW}

May 29th 2010 4:17PM Dear Hot Streak,

How I love the way you reward my success. You see me crit repeatedly and gift me with the beauty of an instant cast pyroblast. You even give us a natural rhyme to go with your love. You may be a gold-digger, coming around more and more, the richer I get and the nicer clothes I wear, but your love does such things to me! The way I explode after you do that thing you do, all over the face of my enemies...I can't describe the feeling! I can't resist your charms! You give me such a rush that for seconds afterward, I do everything faster! Please stay with me always, Hot Streak! Please!

Arcane Brilliance: Arcane 101 {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2010 1:58PM Not sure if anyone else pointed this out (I didn't go through every comment), but in the frost tree, Frost Warding is a much better use of the 2 talent points you need to use rather than Ice Shards...the chance to get mana back makes using your Frost/Fire Ward a very good plan (especially if you put points into Incanter's Absorption).

Spider-Man 4 canceled; Warcraft movie soon? {WoW}

Jan 11th 2010 8:43PM I agree...I actually liked Spiderman 3. I understand why some people didn't, but I liked how it explored different themes from most superhero flicks. Themes like forgiveness and redemption are rarely seen in the action genre.