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Cataclysm Spoiler: Sylvanas' plans no one saw coming {WoW}

Jul 5th 2010 11:42PM FYI, the guy Garrosh is quoting is Saurfang.

Cataclysm Spoiler: Sylvanas' plans no one saw coming {WoW}

Jul 5th 2010 11:40PM You guys think Garrosh is awesome and a really cool guy now!?!?! Trust me, Garrosh gets EVEN MORE AWESOME in other questchains in the Expansion.

Just take a look at this pic (spoiler), you can't say that what he said/did was not awesome and honorable, especially if you learn the context of the quest chain (basically the guy ordered the deaths of numerous non-combatants testing "The Bomb").

Sorry, calling Sylvanas names and saying that there is nothing separating her from the Lich King, doesn't compare to this.

WRUP: Catching them all edition {WoW}

Apr 11th 2010 1:39PM get a DS (emulators are overrated and ts worth the money, trust me) get the game, play for like 20hours, fall in love, play for like 20 more hours (if your good and don't lose), get three guys to level 50 start playing online (get peoples friend codes, its easy just post yours online and they will add you!!), pwn little kids because they have no concept of strategy, and then feel like a total badass (until you get some guy who knows what they are doing and rapes you).

WRUP: Catching them all edition {WoW}

Apr 11th 2010 1:23PM SoulSilver, still can't beat Red because of his freaking level 88 Pikachu because two of my main guys are weak against electrical attacks.
I reccomend this game to anyone who grew up with the older pokemon games because of sheer nostalgia. Also Competitive Pokemon is serious business.

Let me show u mah Pokemanz:
Brogekiss*(Togekiss, i love nicknames ^-^) level 66
ROFLCOPTER* (Scizor) level 63
Carl (red Gyarados) level 63
Mr.Giggles (Tyranatar) level 60
KobeBryant (Gengar because he is [shadow] BALLIN!) level 60
LamePun* (Latios) level 59

* ones i use for threes/Battle frontier crap

Breakfast topic: Your favourite patch 3.3.3 change? {WoW}

Mar 24th 2010 10:11AM I am loving the Flame Shock changes, i can now do 7k DPS on my shammy ^-^

Breakfast Topic: Borrowed Death {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2010 9:08AM FALCON PUNCH!!

Totem Talk: Elemental scaling and how Cataclysm can fix it, Page 2 {WoW}

Mar 21st 2010 1:46AM as an ele shaman I support the idea of turning ToW into a searing-esque ability, but on the condition that its range be increased to 30 instead of the current 20.

IMO we need a new spell or something to make our rotation less dependent on Lightning Bolt scaling, maybe a frost (water) spell that increases the damage done by Lightning Bolts/Chain lightning? It would have decrease fire damage dealt until hit with a nature spell.
The thing about the ele shaman's spells is that they all have short cast times, 2sec and 1.5sec, a spell with a longer cast time but did alot of damage would be kinda neat. Maybe it would deal a similar amount to lightning bolt (maybe a little less) but provide a DoT that would last the duration of its cooldown (10sec, 1 tick every 2 sec, or every sec), now this DoT would cause slightly more damage than our trusty flame shock but it would need to be re-applied alot more and consume alot of mana compared to flame shock which if following a crit and specced right only costs 47mana at level 80.

Our rotation is just boring plain and simple, sure you can throw in a FROST SHOCK! or fire nova here and there but basicly it comes down to Flame Shock > Lava > lightning bolt x2 (or 3 in my case due to 28% un buffed spell haste) > chain > lightning bolt x 2 > lava > chain >lightning x2 > you get the picture

I want to see our spec have more spells with short CDs (maybe 10sec or something similar), but make it so you lose DPS by not casting them and just sticking to lightning bolt. I would like to see the ele shaman become even more of a skill oriented spec thats dps cant be measured by calculators like Elitist Jerks and MaxDPS, but by the DPS meters.

We are not mages or hunters, we're shaman, we dont just spam arcaneblast and occasionally missiles or just use steady shot. we are better than that.

Breakfast Topic: If you could redo features in Wrath, what would they be? {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2010 2:27PM I like the idea of Malykryss insted of naxx, but have it lead an assault against Dalaran. This would make turn Dalaran from a laggy city to a laggy city thats on the front lines of an epic battle

Breakfast Topic: Who could be a new world boss in Cataclysm? {WoW}

Mar 1st 2010 10:37AM I love this idea! But I think it would be a lot cooler if the two groups consisted of 25 people each (one alliance one horde) fight the boss WHILE fighting EACH OTHER. Thats right combine pve and pvp.

The lewt would go to the group that did the most damage or had the most people alive at the end.
The groups would be split in two, one would focus on the boss and the other will kill the other faction. Blizz wants to make WoW more fun for healers, and having to heal a PvE fight that involves PvP would be alot of fun. In fact I might dust of the resto set and go healing (insted of Ele).

TL;DR version: VoA meets Faction Champs meets Arena

Spiritual Guidance: Everything I know about magic I learned from Rydia {WoW}

Jan 20th 2010 10:06PM I liked FF3 (or 6, you know the one with Kefka) the most.
though 2/4 comes in at a close 2nd, i think that they should have stopped after 3/6, 7 really killed it for me in that the fans ruined it, it was a great game though, just terrible fans.