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The Lore of Patch 3.3 {WoW}

Jan 13th 2010 6:28AM given your post, i'd say you're a troll, but never the less i'll humour you.

Your point on the ashen verdict... well really isn't one at all. the ashen verdict makes a great deal of sense from the perspective of lore. it is the combination of the argent dawn and the knights of the ebon blade as you stated. the point is both of these groups suffered greatly at the hands of Arthas, who was, for many of the members, their crown prince and brother in arms, who betrayed them and became that which he had fought against. in this it make sense by lore, your actual statement however has very little to do with lore. the reason you don't start at exalted is easily understood by the game mechanics. it is supposed to be a challange to develop your characters at this level of raiding, so just starting players off at exalted is rather daft. yes its another grind, but so is getting badges, and new gear in general, it is supposed to take time, and working towards your new items is part of the charm, if you just automatically started off with best in slot items would the game really be worth while by anymeans?

as for the comments on the blood elves/ high elves groupings there are well established lore based reasons for this also. Kael'thas did change the name of the race, and lead his people in search for vengence, but he was willing to side with the naga. this is the begining of the fissure, some of the High Elves would not follow this past and entered into exile, thus remaining High Elves whilst their brethren continued down their darkening path. this is part on going development of the lore and is not just randomly generated, and they haven't just suddenly appeared. You mention Warcraft III without realizing that before the fall Quel'Thalas the High Elves were members of the Alliance. Warcraft III was the introduction of this lore and it has only been enriched since then, starting in vanilla and not just appearing in WotLK. there were several quests concerning the high elves in vanilla with four for the Horde just in the Hinterlands which are intended to stop the High Elves from renewing their alliance with... The Alliance.

saying Blizzard has stopped carrying about the lore and the stories of their worlds is just ridiculous, and its their story in the first place, they are free to change it so that it is clearer and more vibrant.

also if you could go on, feel free, i would love to read any other tripe you can dream up on this topic.