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Officers' Quarters: Alt run aggression {WoW}

Jun 13th 2011 9:10PM Ok so this is the way I see all this bid for control in the game.... Officers like the one mentioned in this article are way to over controlling, if someone decides to start an alt group their should never even be a meeting about it among the leadership, because it is none of their business he started the run, its his run just be glad he's including all guild members instead of just making it an all out pug fest. People in this game want to much control over every little thing a player does, and its not right. If a player is going around giving a guild a bad name trolling are ninja'ing loot then yea leadership is their to put a halt to the activity. Otherwise leadership should leave members alone PERIOD!!!!!!!!

Pulling aggro in PUGs: who's to blame {WoW}

Jan 15th 2010 1:26AM Steps to being a good DPS in 5 mans
1. Target your tank
2. /assist
3. watch threat meter