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AddOn Spotlight: SexyCooldown {WoW}

Mar 18th 2010 6:47PM I'm a blond girl hunter (yep, the class optimal for nobrainers ;) ) and I installed SexyCooldowns now, but it only solved one of my problems.
I have little clue about configuring addons, I use the default UI and like addons that do what it is supposed to do all by itself.

I have longed for something that could remind me when my serpent sting ended on a target, especially in a raid where there are other hunters with serpent stings up, I'm not really able to spot mine among the 3 stings and have often wasted a GCD and precious dps on renewing it way to early.
SexyCooldown took care of it! *dancing happy dance*

But it could not help with my other issue. I hate how I'm not able to see my buff "mend pet" on my pet without having my pet as target or mousing over its frame.
It would be nice to renew the Mend Pet when it is needed and not overheal-waste mana-waste GCD-waste dps.
(I'm doing a lot of solo playing tackling TBC content and the health of my Carry-On-Tank is precious to me).

So, anybody knows if there is an addon out there that can do the same to my Mend Pet as SexyCooldown does to other DoT/HoT?
Maybe if the author of the addon could add a category "pet" among the other types: Myself, my target and my focus.
I could use SexyCooldown for this purpose if I have my pet as target or focus, but quite frankly I would like to have my focus spot open for something a bit more crucial to effective dps.

I have asked other hunters around, but none of them had any idea how to see your Mend Pet buff without mousing over/targetting/focusing your pet. You can see the the other buffsm, so why not Mend Pet? Crazy world...

So, anybody here who could point me in the right addon-direction?

Breakfast Topic: Should Cataclysm bring back the world boss? {WoW}

Jan 15th 2010 10:14AM YES!!!
But why stop at 40 players? Maybe a world Boss that you need 100 people to kill.
Ofcourse, 100 people can not be in a raid together, but it should still be memorable.

Maybe this is nostalgia trip, but one of my fondest memories from MMORPG are from another game than wow, where there was a huge dragon that dropped things you absolutely wanted. The thing is, you needed to be about 100ppl to down it.
Easy to say, she only went down about twice or month or something, on each server. The event was planned in advance on the forums, and on general chat.
Usually 1 guild took responsibility in planning, organizing and distributing loot afterwards.
When the dragon also had about 24h respawn time, yeah, this was a HUGE thing to participate in :)

One thing I miss about this game, is transguild cooperation, it would be nice!