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Account Administration encouraged not to restore hacked characters {WoW}

Jan 15th 2010 11:38AM I just got my account hacked and have sent away for an authenticator. I have a good antivirus and I change my password regularly. I'm not entirely sure what else I could have done to not get hacked but now I have this authenticator coming. It is nice that the thing is only 6 bucks, but then you add on taxes and the 12 dollar shipping charge, the fact that I do pay monthly to play a game and then buying the expansion every time one comes out....I dunno, it seems a little silly that I have to keep putting more dollars out to make sure no one breaks into my game.

I appreciate that Blizz is willing to restore all my stuff and look into what happened here, they have pretty good customer service, and I'm happy they are trying to find the guys who did the hacking rather than just handing me a no choice care package option. I like that I can choose the package or wait patiently for my stuff to come back - which I will wait, the package doesn't come close to what I had on all my characters.

That is all.