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70-year-old raiding grandma wields legendary and leads her guild {WoW}

Jan 20th 2012 6:54AM IDK why you're downrated. Just wanted to say, don't wait for money to have your baby.

Shifting Perspectives: Guide to druid leveling in Cataclysm, part 2 {WoW}

Dec 14th 2011 7:03PM I have to disagree on a few points. First, you don't get Mangle until 50ish. Leveling as bear, you have Maul at first (which is hardly even a real attack); then you get Swipe and Faerie Fire pretty quick. You're using those 3 (not Mangle) for at least the first half of your bear leveling experience. Tanking at early levels depends on efficient Growl cooldown management. ;)

There is absolutely no difference in bear and cat gearing. The spec is feral, not bear or cat. Agility & leather. More agility is better. Here's a tip many don't know: Weapon DPS is your best stat. It's a big thrill getting that green staff that's 8 levels above what you were carrying, and watching the same mobs now melt under you like wet sugar. After weapon damage, is Agility, and then of course, as in all classes, Hit. All the other stats, while leveling, you'll never notice. Oh, you might notice Crit, here and there.

But mobs melting under you is what it's like leveling feral. I shouldn't let the secret out, but apparently they're doing away with feral, so what the heck. Ferals, and in particular, bears, are so overpowered from early 20s, until, well, until you find yourself in greens at 85. But there's a curve from 30 to 58 where you are way beyond OP. And the damage from bear and cat is about the same at low to mid levels. So there's not much point in fighting as cat, but you'll spend plenty of time running faster and stealthing as cat.

I'd pull whole villages in bear form. 8 or more mobs on me, it really didn't matter. Try to pull more than that, and you've pulled some too far, and they disengage, so 8 or so is the limit. Kill the whole town with basically a single attack of running in a big circle swiping, get the quest sparklies, stroll off.

I leveled so fast questing as a bear. Never got to finish a zone. Skipped a few. Came to Tanaris at 40 on my 3rd feral. No problem killing the lvl 45 and up mobs there, but they won't let you have the quests until 43. Grrr. Got to HFP, and tried to solo the Pools of Aggronar guy at 58; couldn't quite do it; pulled it off at 60 though.

For a challenge, and quick leveling, try to do only red or orange quests. They go yellow on you so fast, that you'll still do mostly yellow quests. I hardly did any green quests; that means it's time to move on.

Shifting Perspectives: Gearing a bear druid in patch 4.2, part 2 {WoW}

Aug 2nd 2011 6:46PM I had a friend make me the Witch Hunter's Harvester, and I can tell a difference over the honor polearm. Otherwise I'm totally in honor 371 gear - 3200ish resilience. I assume it's the mastery on that makes such a big difference.

I was able to solo HoR in it, although the bear couldn't make the dps race at the end. I had barely made it through the second icewall, only to die suddenly at the third; I assume because the LK caught Jaina. Second try, I went to cat for about half of it, (cat swipe crits ftw!) and made it through.

In PvP, I end up going to bear a lot. I love the bear. I am the bear. The bear is hard to kill, but his dps is crippled. To make him like other "tanks". I'm not a tank (anymore), I'm a bear.

Why can't I be a dps bear? Why are bears verboten in PvP? (cause their dps sucks). When Cata first came out I was critting bear mangles for 25K, in much worse gear obviously than now. They hurt us too bad. And Allison kinda accepts that, by going to stamina and dodge over agility and expertise.

Course, I'm not arguing with dodge; but I almost always take agility over stamina, ever since I figured out how to play a bear in ICC, and quit trying to tank it like other tanks. Now shes raiding and I'm not, but I wonder about the stam over agility thing. Shes right, I'm finding out, about mastery being the best second stat.

You want avoidance? Burn the freakin' monster down faster; after he's dead your avoidance is 100% on him ;) You think that makes me overpowered? Just bring a mage in that case; I catch fire very easily. I want haste to mean something too. Things that proc on crits should happen more often if you hit the monster more often. I'd love to try it out, but again, our dps is capped so badly it cant make a difference even if it could.

Rant over :) Love to read you Allison.

Drama Mamas: The case of the guild bank thief {WoW}

Jul 15th 2011 8:23PM Spineless,

We've seen lots of reactions on how your guild overreacted, (they did) but not much in the comments on what you should do, which was your question. I'm going to disagree with with the drama mamas on resolution; you do not need to admit you did anything wrong. I mean you didn't, did you? Not even by the guild's standards did you do anything wrong.

Was it ever posted that you shouldn't give anything from the guild bank directly to a friend? If it was, wouldn't that same logic then extend to say: "If you take x from the guild bank, you are enriched by $x gold. If you then later give away $x gold, you have effectively taken that gold from the guild." So by taking their charity, you have signed away all future rights of your own to provide charity? What is that? They have the right to dictate how you conduct your personal business? It's a bunch of crap is what it is. They can't treat you like that. It's bullying is what it is.

I'm going out on a limb here, and I apologize if I miss the mark: But I'm going to bet that you haven't had to deal with traditional bullying. When you are around your peers, playground, school, etc.; you have a back brace on maybe? At the least, people are aware of your disability? If so, then no real life bully worth his salt would be caught messing with you. (Playground bullies are crafty and know how to politically select their targets.) This is unfortunate for you, and one of the very few places in life where your disability actually puts you at a disadvantage. Of course, even in this case, it's not your actual disability; it's the way people treat you differently. I'm thinking that you are ill-prepared to deal with bullies.

Here's the thing: You can't let yourself be bullied. Never. Yeah, I know they got "reasons": Guild bank ... non-member ... principle of the thing ... blah blah blah... Whatever... for some freakin' low level enchants that are always dumped below cost 20 at a time on the AH by levelers? Unless they don't even bother and just vendor them? Really? That is the pettiest thing I have read on these forums. But yes, I guess bullies always do have good reasons. (They make good politicians later in life:)

That officer is bullying you. He's pushing you around.

What do you do? You pick up a two by four and beat a bully with it until he quits bothering you. Whatever it takes, is what you do; you don't allow yourself to be bullied. Period. Seriously. You say that's not fair? To hit him with a board just because he demoted you? Is it fair that he abused his officer position and talked badly to probably the nicest person on the server? Is it fair that you got in trouble for tendering charity and helping somebody? No. None of it is fair; just like it's not fair that you have to wear a back brace and he doesn't. It is what it is, and you have to deal with what's in front of you. The universe exists as it is, and it's good to be a part of it. Theres already plenty of "stuff" for us to deal with already in this universe; life is too short, my friend, to also deal with other people's self-inflated drama.

What do you REALLY do, since smacking some random guy on the internet with a board is likely a tough logistical challenge? ;) You drop that guild like a hot potato. Don't even say why or anything. lest you start some drama of your own. Just go. Perhaps; if they demote/kick/scold the officer sufficiently, and ask you really nicely to come back; maybe you'll re-join. Probably not, but maybe. In any case, you're the boss of you. And if they want you, they need to be worth it to you. More likely is; you go guild-less for a while, join up with a couple of guilds until you find a group of really nice people. People worthy of your company. People who, when they find out about your charity work of outfitting some lowbie; ask if they can help with mats or gold or something. People who have your back, instead of have at it. Don't let this guy bully you off the game. If you do, do you let him continue to take advantage of the weak and accommodating after you're gone? In the end, it's your duty to stand up for yourself, and make the planet a little better place for all of us.

Once you've decided that, you'll be a pillar of strength for the rest of us, in a position to take someone under your wing, perhaps someone in a weak and vulnerable position, without the strength of character you showed by writing into Drama Mamas in the first place. Someone who needs the protection, friendship, and good example of someone strong like you.

Good luck, my friend, and see you on the battlegrounds :)

The Lawbringer: A world without remedy {WoW}

Feb 18th 2011 7:36PM "First, we get rid of all DRM and online activation. Stuff gets bought and leaked the day of release or even beforehand. Single-player content is freely available on the internet, and as piracy gets easier, more people get in on it. The more people pirate, the more a company has to spend to combat piracy, and the margins on AAA titles fall through the floor. "

That last sentence is where you miss the point of your first strategy. If you get rid of the DRM, you don't spend more to combat piracy; you spend much less, or even zero, to "combat" piracy.

I mean, the theory is, you actually lost very few sales to the illegal downloaders. They were never going to truck it down to GameStop and buy a game in the first place. So your sales are 95% of what they "would have been" without any piracy, and you didn't spend a red cent on DRM development, testing, etc. And then the ongoing savings of not having to field a single support call on DRM after the sale. (Could that be half of your support?) So in the end you make more money. Bonus if you get good press out of the whole thing.

That's working pretty well now for music, at 99 cents a track, and some games. I'm not so sure it would be a winning strategy for a 60$ game. And on a new game, especially if your game might suck a bit, and you're counting on the first few week's sales to cover your costs. The author is spot on about the damage that could be done, even if the leak is the day after release. Personally, I think some middle ground is the best route, but the basic problem is; if your game is overpriced, then you're in more danger of piracy.

WoW is not in much danger I think from piracy, but they do push the price envelope. If a $40 sign up fee and $15 a month forever is what it has to be, then at least they should do family packs. I can't imagine a family that plays wow together spending $200 and $75 a month. Ouch. Since it's all downloadable now, I'd love to see a much smaller (or none), initial fee, and the ability to add family members at reduced rates.

Breakfast Topic: Healers, are you anxious about Cataclysm content? {WoW}

Dec 12th 2010 10:47AM Tanked Stonecore for the first time last night on my bear. 2 hours. It was really really hard. Priest healer is a powerhouse Kingslayer; she was oom after most trash pulls. She was always oom long before bosses were down. I was a great tank in Wrath; my performance last night was mediocre at best. (I need to re-redo my macros for sure...) Our dps was lousy really, making each fight too long. My fault mostly - I lost enough mobs as it was; more dps would have only meant more wipes. Halfway thru some of us had to go repair due to gear redness. Thank goodness we had a warlock.

That might have been the most fun I've had in this game in the year and half I've been playing. The first time our guild got 10 people on together and made it to the gunship with only one (learning) wipe per boss in ICC was the other high point of my wow career. That was really hard (at first) too.

One of my epic moves last night was pulling off an innervate on the healer in the middle of tanking a boss. I tried to pull off an epic tanking battle res (the ultimate druid move), but blew it and got one-shotted (very risky that one). Another time I had to fall back to my HoR stat; let the casters stay spread out, and charge each one the moment it's off cooldown. This gives me several seconds of no melee damage while the 50% slowed mobs chase me, giving the healer a bit of a break. The risk of course is losing the mobs - that's a delicate strategy.

I'm a "casual", and I like the game hard. I am loving Cata.

The Light and How to Swing It: No more avoidance caps {WoW}

Nov 10th 2010 8:05PM I caught on to that just a few months ago. I'm a bear, and was walking around in ICC (months ago) with over 70k health. But I was working hard to hold aggro, and tanking was a miserable job. I (and the other 9) lived and died around me constantly taunting back stray mobs, stray bosses, hell i couldn't hold a stray cat. Marrowgar and Lady D can both one shot clothies. It's embarrassing to have Saurfang pulled off of you. Slowly it began to occur to me that I'm not a tank; I'm a bear.

Agility is my stat. Not defense or dodge; certainly not parry or block. I began needing on "DPS" gear - Agil & Stam + (crit, ap, haste, expertise, armorpen). Of course the leather is already like that, which was another clue in my reorientation. So I (re)bought the melee dps ring from ICC, the dps frost cloak and so on. The only tank item i have remaining is that frost key trinket that gives 228 stam. (that's too much stam bang for the buck to give up.)

Oh, and about your comment; gems. I started putting the gems they wanted me to have. Namely agility in red sockets and haste in yellows. Now, to me, the point of putting gems in sockets is to get the socket bonus. Lets me know I'm doing it "right". Blues still get stamina (obviously more health is better as a tank), but feral leather doesn't have blue sockets. Yet another clue from Blizzard.

Also replaced the survival instincts glyph for mangle. Now when I hit it, I've only got 75kish health instead of 90 or whatever. That has not once ever made the difference in wiping in ICC. 20 seconds of 15k health won't save us, but extra threat to keep them off the healer just might. Blizz never intended for you to need 70k to tank ICC. They did intend for tanks to hold aggro in there though.

So after all that, health was more like 62-65kish, and armor is down a tiny bit too (the cloak and rings had armor, but more agil gives armor) 30k?. However, dodge is over 50%, crit is at 60%, and dps increased over 3 fold; from about 1.5k to 4kish dps. I very often saw 6k dps in ICC with the buffs. Threat, obviously, off the charts. Insane. I simply can't be off tank on a single boss fight. I will pull him if I do my full rotation. In VoA and Saurfang where you're bouncing him back and forth, I have to back off so the other tank keeps him. It took getting a few 10 stacks from Festergut to teach me to swallow pride and do what the raid needs.

Anyway, now I have the easiest job in the raid - main tank. (well except nobody's raiding nowadays) By far easier than trying to find a damn spore, or kiting Saurfang's minion things, or getting out of Marrowgar's way. (Heh, when I became a real bear, I began chasing Marrowgar during bone storms. It's what a bear would do. rah.) Also, I didn't have the trouble other tanks had in this latest patch. I can't spam swipe anymore, I have to time it well. Otherwise, not much change for me, except even more health. Heh.

I balanced my character in tune with the way the devs balanced the game. To your point, I also used the gems they intended. I became much more powerful in doing so. That's a bear's perspective, I never played another tank.

Shifting Perspectives: Building a better rotation, page 2 {WoW}

Aug 20th 2010 8:10PM I'm liking the whole thing less and less the more I read about it. The only thing wrong with the current mechanic is that it overly punishes us for movement. We rely on eclipse as our only bonus proc, but it only works for wrath and starfire, which require standing still.

All that needs to be done it to make it work like it says it should: Buff the whole school instead of just the main spell of that school. Suddenly I got options and complexity out the ying yang.

If I gotta move, I can choose to spam moonfire, paying the heavy mana cost. I need to think whether I've been called on to innervate a healer recently, and can the raid afford for me to burn one. That would be self-regulating from what I hear about mana regen in cataclysm. Look quick to see if starfall is off cooldown if is a lunar eclipse. Super bonus damage if they line up, but there's a high chance I'm pulling the boss off the tank with that. If there are adds I'm sure to get one.

If it's a solar eclipse, then my options are more limited if I have to move, but then again it's much easier to stop a moment and squeeze off a wrath. That requires more skill than my average rotation requires, (o how I hate to clip the end of a cast by having to move), but then again I like the game to be hard. ;)

So I don't see it making us overpowered if they buff the whole school with our current eclipse, and that would take away the big movement gripe that really can't be argued with.

The rng gripe doesn't hold much water with me. It doesn't take that long to proc one and it rewards you for paying close attention. I find myself betting that a lunar will proc and go ahead and queue a starfire while I've got 2 wraths in the air. When lunar then procs and the SF immediately follows with a 20k crit, well that's still a thrill even after playing this same old druid all this time. If I lost my bet, well I really haven't lost that much, I'm still hitting the monster with spells and all.

Dang I love being a druid (my only real toon). Don't hurt me Blizz. :)

Shifting Perspectives: What are optional talents?, page 2 {WoW}

Jun 12th 2010 11:59AM idk why people are so down on Typhoon. While I admit I don't use it often in groups, I'll use it at least once on almost every run. (when soloing it's part of my rotation of course) I know tanks hate it (I'm also a bear), but if they lose a mob to the healer, it's my job as the least squishy caster to save her.

Hopefully I'm standing right behind the healer, and I'll hit typhoon before he hits her. He knocks back 8 yds (sorry if i scattered your crowd mr. tank) and runs really slow back, giving me time to blast a moonfire or two, pop starfall, whatever it takes for me to pick up the mob. Often, I blasted him right back to the tank who picks him back up and I can get back to pew pew. But maybe he's on me now and I run to the tank, hoping to live. But I've died before, so no biggie. I saved the healer though :)

When you need Typhoon, nothing else will do.

Battle resurrections may get increased cooldowns {WoW}

Apr 16th 2010 12:56PM Yeah they need to reconsider handing it to another class; us moonies have a hard enough time already at the bottom of the dps meters. We are never the first invited to raids. Brez, while useful, is in no way OP. As far as brezzing tanks; I can't ever remember doing so. It's already too late. I guess I could see it in a 25 man where the OT was basically standing around in the first place.

Where I've saved wipes is when the healer goes down. Although specced for dps, my main stat is SP, so my non-tree rejuv still ticks for 1400, so I throw that or regrowth on the tank, then a nourish to bring him back up over half (hopefully), followed by a stack or 3 of lifebloom. At that point I have a decision to make. It will take 6 - 10 seconds at least to bring the healer back up to the point where he can throw heals. But my balance spec heals are mediocre at best, so I may be spamming nourish and LBs on the tank the rest of the fight, with no rebirth time to spare.

Hopefully those LBs will hold the tank for that long. Hopefully I've got an innervate to throw on the healer so he can get started. Hopefully whatever killed him didn't aggro me the moment he died. (I fell out of moonkin form on the first heal so now I'm as squishy as they come). If I do pull all that off though and save the wipe, well, that's as epic as wow gets. :)

Don't mess with the cd Blizz, and don't give away our one unique thing. Raise the mana cost. I was thinking all my mana, but you'll have to leave me a bit to throw a couple more heals at least. Make it cost almost half my full mana bar; perhaps those with insane mana bars (like me :) give the victim a bit more health/mana on rez. (It's far to often there's an AOE that re-kills them the moment they accept a brez, but them's the breaks.)

BTW, for those of you not playing duids, I've been trying to trade down mana regen and amount for other stats since I hit 80 really. I have unlimited mana. I can spam moonfire and hurricane through the whole instance if I want. I haven't drank a mana pot since level 78. The handful of times i've gotten mana a bit below half (last night on Anub' arak 25, about 8 minutes in, so i had a good 6 minutes of solid casting left if needed), one innervate and im full again.

Make the Brez cost more mana if you must, but it's not broken and makes for epic possibilities and is iconic to the druid class. Don't mess with it; it's not broken.