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Totem Talk: Cataclysm raiding as a restoration shaman, part 2 {WoW}

May 10th 2011 8:50PM Except not everyone gets into raiding at the same time. In fact, with ZA and ZG gear, I'm sure many people are taking their first baby steps into cata raiding at this late stage.

And I'm sure the more serious raiders out there didn't need's help back in December anyway.

Or, maybe people might have tanked or dps'ed up until now and are just getting into healing now?

So no, it's not pointless. Your post was pointless, but this article isn't pointless.

World of Warcraft dips to a mere 11.4 million subscribers {WoW}

May 9th 2011 7:28PM Hey I'm existing too! How cool is this existence thing?

Ol' Grumpy's first week with Patch 4.1 {WoW}

May 2nd 2011 7:52PM I thought need rolls made items BOP now?

Totem Talk: Glyphing your leveling enhancement shaman {WoW}

Apr 24th 2011 2:40AM Well it would appear you are already informed on 4.1 changes, so why do you need the columnists to cover it?

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Cultivating single-minded fury {WoW}

Apr 16th 2011 10:30PM Spot on Sam. I was trying to pug BH the other day as arms, and a fellow warrior whispered me to tell me that "Arms was bad for PVE. Go fury". I couldn't believe another warrior was so uninformed. Even after my reply of "13k DPS isnt enough for BH", he still insisted Arms was all about PVP, and was no good for PVE. I played fury for all of wrath and i never liked it. To the point where i just didnt play my warrior for large amounts of time. Ive never liked the rotation, and there is no cooler move the Bladestorm.

Arms is an incredibly fun spec to play.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Cultivating single-minded fury {WoW}

Apr 16th 2011 10:25PM I agree about the warrior dps threat part of Stellas post. My arms warrior seems to pull an incredible amount of threat compared to my similarly geared mage, shaman and priest, without a way to dump it. I know its my job as a dps to manage my threat, but I feel my threat is a much larger throttle of my potential dps than on other classes that I play.

Spiritual Guidance: Priest healing strategies for Maloriak and Nefarian {WoW}

Mar 21st 2011 7:10PM What if a priest isn't a persons main? What if they started raiding late? What if they wanted to see how someone else approaches the fight?

Just because YOU find no value, doesn't mean its valueless for everyone else.

Patch 4.1 PTR patch notes update for March 3 {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2011 10:09PM Yeah but 10 yard range? That's really limited. As a healer, my basic rule is to stay away from the bad people hurting my tank. I know that are fights where the group stacks so sure it will be useful there, but in general, I don't like it. Unless they allow us to drop it at range, which I doubt they will.

Patch 4.1 PTR: Trinkets of tier 12 {WoW}

Feb 27th 2011 1:48AM I'm going to guess 7000?

Patch 1.10 changes revealed {WoW}

Feb 10th 2011 8:09PM "All spells/abilities that remove existing effects (e.g. Dispel Magic, Cleanse, Remove Curse etc...) will now verify that there is an effect that can be removed before casting."

Its all just one big roundabout.