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The Mog Log: Each answer I give you will only lead to more questions {Massively}


Breakfast Topic: Banging our heads against the wall {WoW}

May 14th 2010 8:13AM Yeah, I second this wholeheartedly.

More often than not I just give up. I "fade away;" I don't want to disappoint my friends by continuing to try week after week and failing and then seeing fewer and fewer numbers...25 mans turning into 10 mans after just a few weeks... Recruitment becoming 'desperate oh god invite everyone' again... It's just too bothersome. I just give up and hardly log on, avoiding raiding for whatever reasons I can muster up...

I, of course, am a part of the problem - and it's what a lot of folks run into - they just...lose interest in even attempting failing again. It really sucks.

If only there were some tool to make this all easier... Or an answer to it all...

The Daily Grind: Pre-order now! {Massively}

May 14th 2010 8:10AM I'm okay with pre-ordering, s'long as the game is very up front with what they will be delivering and, furthermore, lift the NDA early on in testing. Why? To be as lucid as possible.

W:AR released too early - they did not test nearly enough, and because of that a lot of folks who pre-ordered were hung out to dry with $50 burned out of their pockets.

Global Agenda, however, allowed pre-ordering, lifted the NDA and showed exactly what would be there 'at release' and even put off ever charing ANYONE another penny until they felt they delivered on original promises, or, at least on what the CONSUMERS thought would be worth a subscription.

The real issue, as always, is just money. Developers simply don't have the cash after pumping $20 million into a game, or something, and then not asking for pre-orders or giving special rewards for those who do suffer a game's early release.

It's a sad concept, game releases. I hate to paint Global Agenda as some amazing game, it certainly has many a flaw, however I would argue its concept of pre-ordering to release and post-release system has been the best I've ever seen in an MMO. I'm impressed by it even still.

Your statement, "it can be argued that pre-ordering allows MMORPG makers to deliver unfinished games due to pre-existing demand and blind faith from fans," is the real issue, as I've said. We cannot be walked all over any longer as the consumer, otherwise games, such as Age of Conan, will continue to get away with it. I will not be purchasing RoG and nor do I care a lick about it - Funcom did precisely what a game ought not never do, breaking many a cardinal rule. For shame.

I shall, however, subscribe to Global Agenda for at least a month or two and might not even play it - simply out of principle. Maybe these other companies shall learn.

Dungeon Fighter Online launches guild system, adds sub-classes {Massively}

May 1st 2010 2:37AM I really ought to give this game a whirl. Especially with this new content dropping. I'll look into it, I guess. Seems like a breath of fresh air from the other games out, or at least I hope.

The Daily Grind: Do you have fantasy burnout? {Massively}

May 1st 2010 2:37AM Personally I enjoy a balance.

I go from Global Agenda to Allods Online, back to Dragon Age and then to EVE Online. Perhaps I am a schizophrenic, but I value quality over setting and ideas over quantity any day.

Just because WoW has eleven million subscribers does not mean I enjoy its lore or its high fantasy setting; likewise just because Hi-Rez pumped ten million dollars into itself doesn't mean Global Agenda is on top of the sci-fi totem pole, either.

I do find myself in moods, but I really do think that developers before deciding on story, a setting, or anything need to have an -original and fun idea-. From there decide what we, the gamers, need. Is there not a good high fantasy game out, or one that is dying out? Then the developers go off that, and that is how they would maximize profit: filling an empty niche with something good, not just filling it.

The Daily Grind: What game has the best endgame? {Massively}

Apr 29th 2010 10:27AM Exactomundo, Angel.

The idea of needing to get through "lower level" content to see the "endgame" content is just a flaw in design. I did not play Final Fantasy X to see the final boss fight - as a matter of fact I would say the final boss fight was far too easy and, if considered to have been the "end game" would be completely awful in regards to the current definition of the term.

That's the beauty of it, however, is that it is -not- the definition of the term. Endgame ought to be game. It just is. While playing a game, whatever the type - whether it be an EQ-theme park game or an EVE-sandbox - the endgame ought to be all throughout.

What makes a good MMO? {Massively}

Jan 21st 2010 8:53AM Immersion, story, fun. Emphasis on the latter.

The Daily Grind: Are you a puzzler? {Massively}

Jan 21st 2010 8:48AM I would *love* to see an MMO with more puzzly action. Awesomely enough, I just re-downloaded DDO and am excited to see what it has to offer in terms of its puzzles and gameplay features beyond the WoW-esque format.

I am growing really tired of it, to be quite honest, and think the next logical step in the MMO genre is with things such as Lego Universe, etc.

The MMO genre needs not be fantasy dungeon grinding, but can be so many other things: just look at EVE Online, Second Life and Maplestory. Yes, Maplestory. As far as I know it is one of the most original games out there, if only because of its 'party quests', where puzzles and platforming are not only the 'dungeon' but necessary to get to the boss. Of course, you have to memorize the strats and repeat it one thousand nth times...but still, in terms of 'Wow, puzzles can be in MMOs!', Maplestory really does a good job (well, at least in terms of doing it :P).

But if there were a platformer game, akin to that of Super Mario, but massively multiplayer, somehow, I think such a game would get -tons- of subscriptions. I am not saying Super Mario Online (xD), but I am saying a game where you have to go get that little token from that one zone and bring it over to that tree to summon that lady to give you the sword to stab into the wall to open the crevice to walk through the path, but only on select tiles or you fall through, to finally get to a really cool boss monster that when defeated gives you the phat loots, story progression and, better yet, you did it all with your online buddies. -That- would a step towards the next level of the MMORPG gaming industry, and I cannot wait for the 'next gen' of games that deliver anything close to this.