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Help! My account has been hacked! {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2010 11:16AM I am a CISSP and a CISA. My job title is senior information technology risk and security consultant... basically, i know what I'm talking about. Bottom line, it is in no way shape or form the "users" fault when it comes to hacking with wow. Wow currently is being targetted because it is incredibly easy to hack. This btw is partially blizzards fault (can anyone say password lockout)? Due to the rise in phising however, these attacks cannot easily be controlled by blizz. Their solution is implement two factor authentication with a physical token for all accounts. Stop there... hacking wow solved...done...i'm serious. The current risk vs. reward is too high for hackers. Implementing authenticators makes it significantly harder for hackers to make money. Hackers won't target the authenticators... they will just target other games or easier targets (banks maybe). 99 % of all companies are not anywhere near implementing two factor auth with a physical and logical token... blizz is way ahead of the curve here. Sorry for typos and grammer... typing on blackberry.