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Account Administration encouraged not to restore hacked characters {WoW}

Jan 26th 2010 8:46PM I guess I'm a noob. I just got hacked after 2 years playing WOW. I run very tight security on my computer, up to date virus/malware protection, firewall etc and regular scans. But just for the record it is possible someone else in the household used my computer and got it infected. I'm scanning as we speak.

So if my computer is infected it happened over the last few days. I ran a thorough scan 4 days ago and my machine was clean. So why is the game so vulnerable? How could I have prevented my hack from occurring? I keep reading in this blog that some seem to feel that I would be at fault.

Alright, then someone tell me where this stream of information pouring out of Blizzard about Account Security exists? OK the web site, but why would you go there if you didn't already have a problem? Where are all the warnings? Where's the concentrated and focused preventative effort from Blizzard? I have never seen ANY other than an occasional "don't share your account, yak yak, and "a Blizzard employee will never ask you for your password" statement.

All I do see when I log in is and endless stream of pitches to sell me something and a "News" and "Community" link. Never, ever have I seen on the log in screen" Hey trusted partner and friend here are some security tips"!!!! "Hey valued customer, enhance your playing experience by learning more about account security" or anything like that.

By gosh don't tell me I'm responsible, I'm the darn customer. If the company truly wanted to drastically reduce the number of hacks, all they would have to do is come off a little bit of that billboard space on the log in screen and put up some warnings. EDUCATING everyone on the how the hacks are occurring and what to do about it is the responsibility of BLIZZARD not me. I have been extremely responsible and got hacked anyway. The first real information I got on this subject was after it happened to me.

2500 gold won't buy the gems on the 4 level 80's that were looted.

One last thing- Don't be fooled by some of these posts that blame the player. Certainly irresponsible people should be held accountable at some point if they are getting hacked frequently. However some of these posts are put in by company stooges to condition you to take their deal.