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All your secret alts exposed {WoW}

Nov 7th 2006 11:50PM Actually, Bob Joe makes a great point. It would suck trying to level an alt and, as an example, being in a PuG in WC or something and have someone say "I see you have a lvl 40 rogue, why don't you log in as them for this run.." or any variation on that.

Or if someone was desperately looking for a healer for ST or BRD or something, and starts a /whoalts on every single person in orgs until they find someone with a high lvl healer.

Jackass whisper: Hey man, I see you've got a 60 preist, can u log in and run brd with us. plzzzzzzzkthx

All your secret alts exposed {WoW}

Nov 7th 2006 11:44PM It's something I've thought the game could use, so long as it was restricted to the server you were on. That is, you can't see what alts they have on other servers.
That would still allow you to have some "secret alt time" so long as being on another server doesn't bother you.

There have been many times where some clown has joined our guild, and started being abusive as hell during the small hours, or worse yet, knows information about you that a random person shouldn't know. It would be nice to know who they really are, and put ALL their alts on ignore.

Although, there have been times I've created a low lvl alt and then spammed my guildies with random tells like "MONIEZ FR MOUNT PLZ" and "CAN U RUN ME TRHRU RFC PLAZ?". mwahahaha

It would be wrong to take that fun away from me.

Finding a world epic-- and getting rid of it {WoW}

Nov 7th 2006 3:32AM Had a Staff Of Jordan drop during a guild Ulda run. My GF had wanted one for so long that her toon had actually grown out of it, and I ended up winning it on the roll. I did the nice thing and decided that I'd split the profits between the five guildies in the instance group.
I checked the AH after the run, and gee whiz, there's two on sale already. One for 250G and the other for 180G. Not wanting to saturate the market, I left it for a week then put it up for 200-250.
About five seconds later some shark puts theirs up for 180-200.
I think eventually I knocked the price down to about 180G Buyout, but it still wouldnt shift. I took my time, and decided "hell, it only takes one slot in the bank, who cares how long it takes to sell, some idiot will want it bad enough." and left it on AH for 180 - 200 regardless of what everyone else was selling it for.
After having this thing on me for about 3 or 4 weeks (and having my guildies ask "btw have you sold that epic yet" every now and then), someone finally put a bid on it at 180G, which it consequently sold for.
I took about 7G more than the others for unspecified damages (about 1G a pop per unsuccesful auction).

So long story short, after 1 month, about 7 auctions, and numerous guild tells, the Staff Of Jordan made five people 35G richer.

Next time, I'm not splitting the profits.

Fact or Fiction: The Horde attracts the more mature player {WoW}

Nov 7th 2006 1:04AM So many replies in this thread that perpetuate the myth, from members of both factions.

I'm relatively new to the game, and only have Horde toons so far. Here is a list of reasons that are NOT why I chose Horde:

1) I'm elitist
2) I'm a hardcore gamer
3) I want to pwnz00r j00 in PVP
4) Evil is cool

Here is a list of perfectly adequate reasons:

1) Shamans
2) Don't get into the whole "good guys" thing
3) I like being the underdog
4) I simply like to be different

People I have met whilst playing a Horde toon:

1) Idiots
2) Younf ppl u no ohw i mene
3) Bored people
4) Nice people who do lots of cool things for you for absolutely no reason.
5) Perfectly normal people.

My guild has an "open door" policy. I think we've had every idiot from across Jubei'Thos in it. The good thing about it is we aren't "elitist", all levels can join, highers help lowers, gold is loaned, quests are completed, raids are performed, idiots get /gremove damn fast, and good people are found in the strangest places.

It's all about your own attitude, not the attitude of the people around you. Stop looking at the idiots and find the nice people. If you stop feeding the trolls, they go away.

But back to my original message; HORED FTW, ALIANCE ARE TEH NOOBS, OMFG AV IS RIGGED.

That is all, carry on.

Breakfast Topic: PvE to PvP Transfers? {WoW}

Oct 24th 2006 11:25PM People making comments that PVP realm players are snobs or whatever are completely missing the point. Sure you may want to bring a 60 across to raid or hang with your friends or whatever, but it seems unfair that you can lvl ezmode, and then if you were allowed to move across, have the option of ganking people when you never had to deal with it yourself. PVP'ers gank at lvl 60 because we were ganked growing up. It's cultural.
And those people that say "omg it's just a game nubz get over yourself" are the same people I can imagine saying "omg it's a game nubz I'll ninja loot or buy gold if I want get over yourself"

That said, I agree with consolidation. If someone has a 60 PVE and wants to move to a PVP server where they have a 60, why not. They got to the top and "paid their dues" so to speak. IMO they've earnt the right.

Also, I agree with people transfering an account that is below the lvl of say 30-40, so they can at least get a taste of being on the recieving end of the gank stick before hitting 60. I don't see there being much of a problem with that.

I don't really understand this inherent "need" where people feel they're missing out on the PVP culture on a PVE server. Hit up a BG, that's where all the HK's are anyway, and there's no difference between BG on a PVE or PVP server. Especially with X-server bg's now.
The only cultural difference between PVP and PVE is the world random PVP encounters. And if you transfer a 60 onto a PVP server, we all know what kind of "random PVP encounter" you're really after.

Reroll on PVP and earn it like the rest of us. If you want to move to hang with friends, then you've already got people willing to help you level.

Breakfast Topic: Carebear or Ruthless Ganker? {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2006 9:55PM Heh, generally I try and leave people alone, but sometimes you just gotta.
I'm a Troll Shaman (weird choice for a shammy, I admit, not a lot of racial traits that benefit the class, but that's another story) and I was riding through Ashenvale on my way to get the FP in Felwood. I think I was about lvl 52 at the time.
Anyhoo, this little lvl 24 Dwarf Warrior named "Bt" or something runs past me in the other direction, and I just ignore him.
Until about a minute later when I notice in the chat pane it says "Bt makes a rude gesture at you."
I think that's the only time I've ever thoroughly gotten a sense of joy, and not felt even slightly bad, about hunting down and one-shotting a lowb.
I even went so far as to corpse-camp so I could spam "Trollyboy makes a rude gesture at Bt" until I got bored and left.

Seriously, respect your elders. =D

Breakfast Topic: Best Guild Name Ever {WoW}

Sep 26th 2006 2:06AM I always like the guild names "Is Doing Your Mom" "Quest Item" and "Innkeeper"