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Breakfast Topic: Ready for pull? {WoW}

Jan 9th 2007 12:30PM Well I think first you have to state hardest per based on level of gear and skill of the group. A group that is in UBRS for the first time will guaranteed wipe on the pull mentioned, I think it is hands down the first REAL test of your abilities to tank multiple mobs, deal with resistance gear, and coordinate as a group for more than tank and spank.

Next you look at things like the Library in Scholo where 1 fear/tutor punt and you are guaranteed a wipe in tier 3 gear as the whole room crashes in on you, or the Drakonids in BWL just before Chromie where if you get a couple Greens that go chain stomping through the caster/healer line you are gonna eat it.

I think that once you boil it down to what is the HARDEST to do based on level has to be the UBRS pull if you aren't talking about bosses.

Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 5 {WoW}

Jan 5th 2007 3:59PM Nerf Warlock Gnomes FTW!

Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 4 {WoW}

Jan 5th 2007 9:37AM 3XL and let's print Coanunn on the back across the shoulders. :)

Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 2 {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2007 5:12PM Sources indicate Fizzling Sinksproket merely fell asleep atop the invisible zamboni sometime around 6 am while resurfacing the lake.

The Burning Crusade: A long path to Mount Hyjal {WoW}

Dec 29th 2006 8:49AM Wow, if the posters in this comment section were any more predictable it would have written itself!

Poster 1: I hate it, I can't hit a button and get phat lewtz!
Poster 2: You noob, go away. This is important.

In the end there needs to be content for people who will accomplish tasks like this in this game. Otherwise come level 70 (on or before the first of February for a very great many people) there will be only be so many things to keep them playing untill the next expansion. Yes it is frustrating if you don't get to see some content because of the pre-requisites but honestly if someone puts in the time and effort to do something like this they deserve the rewards.

Breakfast Topic: A wipe to remember {WoW}

Dec 21st 2006 10:18AM Best wipe ever was months and months ago, before the class reviews or the recent patch giving out 41 point talents. Back before anyone in my guild had a single epic item.

We were running yet another Baron run as we all needed the god forsaken pants to try to get the dungeon sets for our characters. We felt at the time it was the best gear we'd ever have as we are not a raid guild. There we are, a Warrior, a Hunter, a Holy Priest, a Demonology Warlock, and my Rogue. We had read earlier that day that a Hunter could solo Baroness Anastari if they kept her at range with very light healing because there would be no MC's. So the hunter is told to pull and to try to hold aggro on herself, she puts her pet on stay and goes off to pull. It is working right up untill the first spell hits her and does damage.. like a bullet from a gun the pet goes streaking off with a chorus of "No Kitty" over vent as the pet runs through 2 spawns to get at Baroness Anastari.

This was perhaps the best wipe ever as the group as a whole now refers to it as the "No Kitty" moment.

I have always felt the best part of the game is the comraderie with the other players and wipes seem to really cement that if you are playing with a group of friends. I have never laughed harder in game than after a wipe.

Breakfast Topic: So You Want To Be a Guildleader? {WoW}

Nov 28th 2006 10:43AM Well, I can honestly say that the high points of guild leading are watching those around you have a good time and the low points are watching them stop others from having a good time.

Alot of guilds are about progress, or pvp or RP but my guild is about being friends and having a good time. I have 3 rules, 1) no drags by high level members of the guild for any main character, this forces people to learn their class a bit more, 2) No non-RP chat in the guild channel during an RP, as we are on an RP server but are not a 100% RP guild this allows those who want to protect that RP feeling in game do so without forcing others to maintain seperate channels for conversation, 3) All members are subject to the loot rules and requirements set by the group leader for a particular event, and any member can organize an event. This has fostered an atmosphere that is devoid of restrictive rules except for those that protect everyone's ability to have fun.

I then have what are known as "Dave's Rules" which are my personal rules regarding any game. 1) It is only a game and real life comes first, 2) If you aren’t having fun, fix it, and 3) If you want to lead, stand up and do it and don’t worry about your title. The most controversial of which is #2 which people always seem to think means they need to change when in fact it means they should go to the leaders and propose a solution or at the very least present the problem. In the end if they aren't happy in the guild they can always leave.

The one outstanding thing is that our guild is actually a small part of our Clan that has been together for 7 years and has played numerous different games together. By letting people know what they are part of is one large family that worries about everyone having fun more than who got what sword or kill it usually sorts out the headaches.

There will always be bad apples, but life goes on once those are removed or remove themselves, in the end the people complaining and not having a good time will move on.

Breakfast Topic: Easiest class {WoW}

Nov 27th 2006 11:20AM Wow, I love how this topic makes people get defensive.

1) Easiest class to solo and learn the game as, in my oppinion, would have to be Hunter. I advise all my friends to start out as Hunters because of the utility of the pet, the need to learn to use melee as well as ranged, consumables management, inventory management, etc. There is alot a new player learns from the Hunter.

2) Easiest class to purely PVE solo to grind/farm would again be the hunter as you can use your pet to tank as you pull in multiple mobs, this might also go to a warlock but they are far more mana dependant than a Hunter.

3) Easiest class to PvE Raid.. well this is a hard one, let's see Rogue = spam SS or BS based on build, Warlock = spam SB, Mage = spam a single spell based on build, Hunter = spam shot rotation. I think I'd have to in the end go with my own class of Rogue here as I find Raiding to be very easy, I set up my Nostromo to press the same key over and over again while I have a button depressed, I set that button to spam BS and then I follow the assist train. There is alot of things rogue have to do to stay alive, and they are a VERY difficult class to play well due to the expectation that they deal more damage than the rest of the raid which really means they are sitting on the edge of their chair pumping damage as hard and fast as they can without pulling aggro.

4) Easiest class to learn and play well would in my oppinion have to be Tank. Once a good tank learns aggro management all that is necessary from that point forward is learning how to tank individual mobs, which ones have to be turned away from the raid, which ones are position dependant, which ones have knock backs, etc. In the end alot of "poor" tanks are warriors who still think they are supposed to be dealing damage with that sword of theirs who have watched too many fantasy movies and think they are all Lancelot.

5) Easiest to PvP, well as I haven't PvP'ed in over a year I am not sure how much things have changed but I have found that any class with a panic button skill (such as vanish, Fear, root, etc.) that allows them to get away when in trouble typically do a bit better in PvP for a newer player. While classes with skills that require some thought and personal exposure (life tap, any channeled spell, stun lock, etc) do well in the hands of an experienced player.

AddOn Spotlight: Buttons, more buttons! {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2006 9:44AM It's all based on playstyle. I personally use Bongos to move some things around so I can look for stuff in a different place than the bottom of the screen. I use ArcHud along with some smaller versions of the action bar in the center of the screen so I can see what is going on but so I know when my cool downs are up as well.

I NEVER click a button in game, everything is done via my Nostromo and the only thing I want to see added is that the buttons can be "opaqued" a bit and clicking on something behind them (as in a mob or pc or gathering node) was possible. I would in all likely hood completely remove my action bars if I could see my cool downs on screen in a better way.

Breakfast Topic: Best Change In WoW {WoW}

Nov 21st 2006 11:50AM The Scourge Invasion event was amazing and I am waiting for other such events. These are by far the best changes as they make the world feel more real with events that come and go.