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Scroll of Resurrection revamp active, includes free level 80 character {WoW}

Mar 6th 2012 5:07PM You guys are missing the meme reference. Imagine a pic Sara Bee walking in a door with a crappy sideways brown hat and the captions written above and below her.

Looking at the PvP stat changes outlined by Ghostcrawler {WoW}

Mar 6th 2012 4:45PM I'm a multiseason gladiator laudickj. But that's besides the point.

This is just my opinion, but you're taking to narrow a view of PVP. Sure, some comps are much better than others, but my point was there isn't a single class that doesn't have some area they excel in. If you play a class that's at the lower end of the spectrum in 3v3, there's a good chance it's very good in RBG.

Looking at the PvP stat changes outlined by Ghostcrawler {WoW}

Mar 6th 2012 2:54PM A few comments to offer.

Firstly, there is nothing at all wrong with using 377 PVP blues to get into HoTs (for all specs except non-bear tanks). We already had this discussion yesterday. The higher primary stats makes PVP blues much better than T11 purples.

Secondly, I disagree with you that this change will make it harder for people to get into PVP. Obviously we don't know for sure how the system will work numbers wise, but to me it seems like the equivalent of everyone having 2K resilience as a base stat. Sure, you can't jump into high level arena gameplay as a fresh 90, but you at least won't be supersquishy in BGs.

And laudickj, I disagree completely. Blizz actually does a very good job balancing PVP. Name one class that is terrible in both arena and rated BG. Sure, a spec here or there isn't perfect in every situation, but the same can be said for PVE. Also, why the hate for CC? Isn't that what separates good PVPers from those who aren't? If we didn't have CC, it would be just like a PVE fight. Stand there and bash away at eachother and whoever has the ighest dps/hps wins. That would be boring.

Can the WoW economy tolerate a cartel? {WoW}

Mar 5th 2012 7:34PM I actually ran a very successful cartel of sorts back in Vanilla/TBC. On our realm there were only 4 guilds on our faction with any decent progression (and by decent I mean finished T2 and attempting T3) so getting a dozen or so raid geared tanks to agree to a dungeon run price was fairly easy. It was alot different back then though. Now that we have multirealm RDF such a thing just won't work.

Also, gearing up is sooooooo much easier now, that if a cartel ever did pop up, people would just make a new toon of whatever type the cartel was made up of. It takes planning and a bit of help, but it is completely possible to go from level 1 to raid ready in 24 hours.

Is PvP gear good enough for heroics? {WoW}

Mar 5th 2012 4:41PM That doesn't work in one specific instance jfofla: as a healer trying to heal a non-tank geared tank. I had the misfortune of trying to heal a PVP geared DK with a PVP based spec as well (no dodge/parry/mastery at all and for talents, anything that incraesed his damage he had, but was missing several "must have" damage absorption talents). When I have a harder time keeping him up than I do healing Heroic DS runs, I don't feel bad at all giving him the boot.

Is PvP gear good enough for heroics? {WoW}

Mar 5th 2012 3:23PM One comment I'll add quickly before taking off because so many people don't seem to understand this.

For dps, latest PVP gear >>>>>>>>>>>>>> blue or even t11 PVE gear. I can't state this emphatically enough. The huge increase in primary stats will make conquest point PVP gear blow PVE blues/low ilvl purples out of the water.

Is PvP gear good enough for heroics? {WoW}

Mar 5th 2012 3:18PM Assuming you're dps Jamie, PVP gear >> PVE gear you have now. 377 healing gear would also be better than your gear now. It's only tank gear (for nonbears) where this is a problem.

Is PvP gear good enough for heroics? {WoW}

Mar 5th 2012 3:15PM A few comments:

There are only three specs that can't wear PVP gear: Blood DKs, and Prot Paladins/Warriors.

For those 3 specs, it's basically 1 (long) day of work to get a complete set of tanking gear good enough for dungeons (either BG and convert HP to JP, or queue for a day as dps). Less if you have some gold laying around (BoE pants, neck, back, bracers, weapon, shield, belt, shoulders though hard to get these days, boots, cloak, trinket, ring...basically if you have gold you can be ready to go in how ever long in takes you to buy gear/gems/enchants).

As a healer I don't despair when I see one of those three specs in PVP gear, I just tell them to put on proper tank gear before they get healed. No gear, no heal.

Ghostcrawler explains stat changes in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2012 6:08PM Just a guess Aidy, but I think healing power won't work inside PVE instances, but will work in PVP instances.

As for world PVP, I wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard forgot it, but they might allow healing power to work when flagged.

5 ways to fail at Battlegrounds {WoW}

Feb 29th 2012 5:05PM I'll add in two obvious ones that you forgot:

6. Don't afkave or blow hero/BL while in the cave.

7. Don't report people afk if they are defending (had this happen to me three fricken times in one day...seems to be the latest troll method). Yes I know my damage is low, it's because I've taken the boring (but completely necessary) job and are letting you have all the fun. The minute that little cow's head debuff thing shows up, I'm forced to leave the base unattended to go find a fight and the base is invariably lost. Believe it or not, standing around doing nothing in the right spot is a much better thing to do than "leading the charts" in the wrong spot.

Actually, both of those could be rolled up along with #5 into "Don't be a douche."