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Prius to go (partially) solar {Engadget}

Jul 18th 2008 3:35PM I live in sunny southern california. It gets quite hot and because of the sun, the interior of the car is always like an oven when I get back to it. We could now have the AC keep the car cool while in the sun and because sunshine is free, it would work by only using the solar panels, it wouldn't drain the main batteries nor would it take any gas. It seems like a small thing, coming back to a cool car but, it would something that would improve the car experience on a daily basis here in sunny climates. I'm sure it would work in cold weather as even cloudy and overcast days can still have enough light to power solar cells.

Breakfast Topic: What's in a name? {WoW}

Nov 21st 2007 6:00AM Well, I like compound names from two whole words.

My main is a troll hunter named Slaystation
A female undead warrior alt named Snackattack
And a lowbie Alliance alt Pally named Praystation. I love that name sad that I never play that char. I might reroll that as a horde bloodelf in either a priest or pally.

My original char on some server that I forget now was called Swansong. But, my all time favorite name was Thrice. And my favorite part about it wasn't that it shared a name with a band that I knew and liked, or that it was so beautifully short and a pleasure on the tongue but, that as I was rerolling looks, Blizzard came up with it. It was destiny and it probably was my favorite character to play. I loved Thrice.

Aiko: world's first sexually harassed, disabled Fembot {Engadget}

Nov 20th 2007 2:21AM You have to be kidding... This machine doesn't have real emotions, it doesn't have real breasts, it doesn't have real feelings. I mean, why would a robot mind if you touched it? I think you could make a case for the robot defending itself in case of damage but, for a robot to be sexually harassed, it would have require far more. It would need emotions and ego. Our idea of why sexual harassment is harassment is based around emotional damage. I could rig a tape recorder to a sensor on the breast of a manaquin and it would have the same emotional depth. It's a series of logical states rather than true creative thought.

Furthermore, this whole thing stinks of a publicity stunt or worse these people are attempting to make a legal precedent for a problem that will never happen.

Excuse the rudeness but, will the microchip in a dildo all of a sudden claim sexual harassment? Will it refuse to send the current to make it vibrate? Will it be torture or murder to throw the thing away?

This is all silliness. This machine was programmed to be harassed in the public for this spectacle. Which is tragically ironic that someone would have program a robot to respond to what he defines as "sexual harassment" and then a response is programmed only to "sexually" harass in public to show prove a point.

And all of these responses of men who say that imply that they would take advantage of the sexuality of this robot doesn't make it any more thinking or the act any more sexual on the part of the robot. Hundreds of years ago, people used to "sexually" harass the knotty holes in trees. The only difference between then and now is that while we frowned on the men who "abused" trees, we never were dumb enough to give trees rights not to be "abused".

Fujitsu's Turn Table PC and Ultra Mobile debut at CEATEC {Engadget}

Oct 3rd 2006 10:02PM Is it just me or do both of those designs look like pieces of Apple hardware? The laptop looks like a Powerbook but, plastic, thicker and with needless legs and lights. The Media player looks like a Mac Mini with a swivel top. I wonder why the media player swivels at all? What does the swivel action reveal? That black dot at the top looks like a camera but, that would be awkward to use. It would be better to just put a camera in the bezel and make it one unified body piece. I'm glad that Fujitsu isn't make these things.

Breakfast Topic: Favorite Fight {WoW}

May 15th 2006 7:19PM My favorite encounter is probably the Deadmines. Starting out the game (in Beta almost 2 years ago) running that instance really took me for a loop and I saw then that WoW was going to be best game of it's kind.

I've done alot of instances including MC and AQ20 but, for overall charm and artistry, I guess the Deadmines instance is my favorite.

The single most impressive encounter though has to be Ragnaros at the end of MC. It's a complete experience.

No XP on Intel Macs, but Vista is good to go {Engadget}

Jan 13th 2006 8:13PM Connecting to Internet before the OS boots? Can you say getting rooted before you're first cup of coffee? Maybe I'm paranoid but, I don't want anything connecting to the internet that is that low level. A hacked OS can be formatted off the HD, a hacked and rooted FIRMWARE? Beware my friends. Especially if it shares the same platform as Windows anything; that means that all of a sudden, the other 99.9% of hackers who weren't interested in Apple hardware all of a sudden can clump us in to their virii target base with an all new form of horribly contagious and horribly destructive form of malware.

I bit negative, yes. I'd like to watch DVDs and Play iTunes (locally and over the network) without the OS and all of the battery drain that would come with it as much as the next man but, connecting the low levels of the machine logic with internet is just a bad idea.

You know what they do to machines that hold the highest level of government secrets? Never connect them to any outside network at all. Everything is still too unsecure. Call me paranoid but, my BIOS is like Pentagon. There shouldn't be many people coming in and out (relatively speaking) and I should know who they all are.

That said, I'm as eager to get an Intel Powerbook when they come out with the 17' model. Once you go 17, it's hard to go back... Maybe for that fabled 13' widescreen that been rumored.

Live coverage of Google Keynote with Robin Williams {Engadget}

Jan 6th 2006 7:27PM It's Official: Google is the New Apple.

Except without the nice design, the lovely hardware and or the operating system. Maybe we'll see on that last one.

Live coverage of Michael Dell {Engadget}

Jan 5th 2006 6:27PM A 20'in Laptop? You gotta be joking!!! I've got the 17' Powerbook and that's arguably too large for a proper laptop. They call that innovation? A 20'in screen with a detachable keyboard. Like mutant cousin of the Apple Lisa.