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Addon Spotlight: Vuhdo {WoW}

Jan 31st 2010 9:19AM I previously used Grid/Clique. Now I use Vuhdo and I am extremely happy with the change. Ira is so responsive to healing needs--I do not have to worry about a fix or an update. Clique behavior is already incorporated into Vuhdo, so I do not need 2 addons to handle my preferred healing style.

Why change? My issues when I used Grid was the multitude of different addons that Grid needed to work. Inevitably an addon I needed was dropped by the author. I got so tired of waiting after something broke for a fix, that I initially switched to Vuhdo to just have a functioning healing platform. If Grid had not failed me so much (in regard to the addons) l would have remained complacent with what I was used to.

Does it take more time to set up? Not really. It does have a different kind of set up than your typical but you can walk through it pretty easily--and the website has a wonderful walk-through if you need more support. It really isn't any more difficult to figure out than Grid. Actually its easier as there is more description of your options and they are laid out in an easy to follow methodology.

When I made the initial switch I set it up with my same Grid/Clique combos--but now I have so much more to choose from. Its customizable and can be sized/configured in enough different ways to satisfy any desired layout.

I wouldn't heal anything without it now :)