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Addon Spotlight: Vuhdo {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2010 2:18PM The d/c feature was addressed recently. The frames redraw themselves upon relogging in vuhdo.
I heal with mouseover macros too and use it only to show information. There is nothing at all in vuhdo preventing you from doing that. You can use built in keybind and mouse click features if you'd like for those who prefer it but you absolutely don't have to do this. Read the features people, I'm serious, they change weekly drastically.

Addon Spotlight: Vuhdo {WoW}

Jan 31st 2010 12:36PM I always do a double take when people say that vuhdo and grid look different and they can't set them up exactly the way they want. Both addons are build on the same libs and they can be made to look almost exactly the same. All the features ppl mentioned like not being able to target or icons looking this way or that or counters not visible well or not letting through all the debuffs and whatnot...they are all in there.
You need to look at the latest version because Vuhdo changes sometimes drastically over a course of a week. Tons of new features, fixes etc.

Resource wise, grid with all the features added that I use in Vuhdo has just as big of a memory footprint. Surprised? Don't be. Again they are built in a very similar way. Same plugins are can it be drastically more or less footprint, performance wise, if one watches incoming heals vs the other? They both use libhealcomm. Same applies to most features in there.
Options panel may take up some memory space and this is where the difference between the two comes from, but this is memory only. It does not do anything during combat and thus does not really affect your CPU which is the important resource here.
Difference with Vuhdo, as several people pointed out is the fact that:
a) it's all integrated into one addon. You do not have to rely on 10 different authors to update their mini addons on time
b) Iza is super responsive to all questions and very often implements suggestions that are even half way reasonable. The updates are out within a few days. I mean, who does that? :)
Can't sing enough praise about this great addon. If you're a total grid fan this will not shoot your efficiency sky high in comparison. But the awesome support and visual candy that is vuhdo is well worth it to me. Ultimately choose what you're comfortable with. For great majority of the healer's needs, all 3 addons will work just fine. Difference is really personal preferences and cosmetics.