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Battleground sploitz and Blizzard's responsibility {WoW}

Oct 10th 2006 9:58PM I realise that, so does walking out the portal or using your hearth stone. There isn't really any difference.

Battleground sploitz and Blizzard's responsibility {WoW}

Oct 10th 2006 9:11PM The second issue sounds kind of overly complicated, I mean wouldn't it just be more efficient to do the BG and get the lesser ammount of honour than to mess around jumping from BG to BG trying to find an opponent you can beat?

The first issue is complete BS, AFKing out is a harder way to leave a BG than WALKING OUT THE EXIT. Not to mention just logging out/closing WOW/disconnecting your internet/jumping to another BG/getting summoned out/hearthing/monglade porting/mage portalling. OK sure, I dunno if all of those actually work but being able to leave an instance by sitting around for 5 minutes is far from an exploit.

I came to this article expecting some kind of mention about flag carriers standing in places they shouldn't be able to get to or at the very least a rant on how easy it is to NOT AFK out of a bg even while going off to make a cup of coffee. (paper weights on the forward key should work I think)

Blizzard welches on riding skill promise {WoW}

Sep 27th 2006 2:26AM I'm sorry, what? People are annoyed because they bought something before they ,under any circumstances, could use it and now can't miraculously use it?

So you're saying a level 1 that happened to have 1000G the day before the patch should now be cruising around at +100% speed? Sure, sounds good to me.

Sigh, far too much sarcasm, wednesday at the end of the workday is bad.