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The Queue: Oops {WoW}

Jul 29th 2010 4:00PM @Artificial:

That's not quite right. Feign Death (if successful, which it usually is when you haven't actually pulled aggro) is a complete aggro dump; you start over at 0%. Not shooting, even for a fairly prolonged period, is NOT a complete aggro dump. Feign Death, when used at high (but below pulling) aggro, is an important part of controlling theat in situations where the tank can't generate enough aggro even with Misdirect.

Feign Death AFTER you pull aggro is often a bad move that gets a healer eaten.

None of that actually answers garooziz' question; I'm not sure we know the answer for Cataclysm yet.

Scattered Shots: What spec should I use? {WoW}

May 20th 2010 3:30PM [Annoying thing cut my comment off; here's the rest]

To put it another way (and one I know you'll agree with): raid utility trumps personal DPS, and whatever makes the raid succeed is worth it. The first night I shifted from MM to SV, we cleared three bosses (two by one-shot) that we'd never cleared before. I'm definitely in MM-worthy gear by now, but until our raid comp changes, or Cataclysm makes us no longer Replenishment sources, I'll happily stay SV.

Scattered Shots: What spec should I use? {WoW}

May 20th 2010 3:27PM You missed one reason some of us (me, anyway) stay SV: Replenishment. In my ICC10 group, no one else has replenishment. Given the choice between lower personal DPS and healers with mana versus higher personal DPS and healers with no mana, healers win every time. They may not be as good-looking (hah!) but they keep us from dying. Not dying is a big win for good looks.

Scattered Shots: Simply enchanting {WoW}

Apr 20th 2010 10:04AM The mats for Cat's Swiftness can be farmed in about an hour. There's a high plateau on the Nagrand/Zangarmarsh border with elementals. Just run a circle around killing everything in sight; use the Air for the enchant and AH the Fire. In the hour I farmed I picked up several hundred gold in Fire and green drops, along with the Air.

WoW, Casually: Casual guide to Love is in the Air {WoW}

Feb 11th 2010 11:51PM You missed one of the big benefits to this event for low-level characters. The various perfumes and colognes (cost 1 Love Token, get a stack of 5) give you great stats (75 attack power, 45 spell power, or 20 defense) and those aren't scaled by level. Even for 80's those are nice little buffs for dailies (especially since they stack with everything else), but for low-levels there's nothing that'll give you that much of a boost.

Make sure your low-level characters smell good -- they'll thank you for it!

Scattered Shots: Skill vs. gear {WoW}

Feb 4th 2010 12:45PM That's a pretty extreme example though. If faced with someone at iLvl 200 and iLvl 245/251, it's very hard to argue taking the player at 245/251 to something with a DPS check at 3.5k. Someone at 200 has either _just_ dinged 200 or has been pretty inactive/is not serious. They may be superskilled and leveling an alt. Odds are, they're not.

However, suppose it's someone in 226/232 vs 245/251. Now there's a fair bit of margin with both of them. I'd say at that point it's more important to look at achievements. I don't mean "PST with achieve", I mean, who's raided in more different locations? Where's the gear from -- is some of it boss drop gear or is all heroic-badge gear?

If everything else is the same, both are gemmed/enchanted correctly, etc, then I'd say you have two choices: take the higher GS, since you've got no other measure, or take the one you have a better personal reaction to since the gear difference is just not that big and you're going to be spending at least a couple hours around one of them. Sometimes social skills and group dynamics are the appropriate deciding factor (and of course sometimes they're not, as long as neither of them is just awful to be around).