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Breakfast Topic: Who knew? {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2010 5:04PM while questing in Loch Modan with my first toon ever, i discovered that you could learn Cooking as an actual skill, and that npcs would sell you recipes. amazed and excited to begin my culinary adventures, i purchased a recipe for "Loch Frenzy Delight" and, not understanding how fishing worked, spent the rest of the day swimming around beneath the Stonewrought Dam literally fighting fish for cooking ingredients.

my lvl 13 dwarf warrior gained at least 2-3 levels from punching out fish before someone told me that you could buy a fishing pole.

Blood Sport: Alliance racials {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2010 9:09PM Galf is indeed correct. dwarves enjoyed immunity from Rogue poisons and Warrior/Druid bleeds for quite some time with apparently no problems in the eyes of the developers. stoneform was nerfed when it was deemed "too effective" against death knights in pvp. granted, locking a DK out of his diseases for 8 seconds was pretty tough to counter, but the nerf was still pretty harsh. i wish they would have reduced the immunity duration instead of removing it entirely; even 2 or 3 seconds would have still been very useful without eating into l337 DK facerolling more than Blizz will apparently allow.

Officers' Quarters: PvPvRaid {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2010 7:59PM if you want to turn off your guild chat for whatever reason, fine. but then the responsibility is on you to make sure you are informed. it's not your raid leader's job to try and track you down because you're basically ignoring your entire guild, it's your job to whisper your raid leader before a raid is scheduled and verify date, time, whether or not there's a slot open for you, and most importantly, confirm whether or not you'll be there. "lol i turn gchat off try and find me lol" is stupid. you may as well blame the post office for losing an important letter you were expecting because you "get so much junk mail you just throw it all away when it arrives in your mailbox." you're either ready to raid when a raid is scheduled, or you aren't. and if you aren't ready, you don't get to complain about how it's someone else's fault.

Insider Trader: Just the tip {WoW}

Feb 15th 2010 2:31PM i was going to post something about entitlement in video games, but i figured i may as well scrap that and instead, once again, make a general plea for everyone to stop using the outdated and incredibly impractical concept of "tipping," and instead just call it what it is: a Fee. there's nothing wrong with fees, we pay fees all the time in WoW, whether we're paying a fee to use flying mounts in Northrend, or a fee to unlock dual talents, up the cap on our skills, or what have you. we pay fees all the time, and there is no reason for people to not understand that things other players do to help your character are also accompanied by fees.

but in the interest of simply making things easier, if you expect a 200g FEE from someone, you need to be upfront about that. it doesn't matter if you think it's "worth" 200g. it doesn't matter if the other guy thinks it's "worth" 2g. you want 200g? you have to say something, AND you have to be civil if the other guy isn't interested in paying that, for whatever reason. how would you react if you sat down at a restaurant and were handed a menu that had no prices? "oh we'll just charge you whatever we feel is fair after you order, sir" the waiter explains. haha no.

the answer is simple. when i need something from a craftsman in the trade channel, it's always "LF [tradesman] to craft/cut/enchant [Name of item/enchant], my mats, PAYING XXg, PST." i'm not tipping, i'm PAYING. if someone sees my tell in trade and the price i'm PAYING is acceptable, they whisper me. if not, they simply move on. it's that easy.

running to meet some stranger in IF, burning your hearthstone, and crafting his item without EVER discussing payment, then throwing a temper tantrum when he didn't tip you what you felt was fair is childish. TELL the other player what payment you expect before you do anything else. preview: Real ID {WoW}

Feb 9th 2010 11:06PM i'd love to talk to friends across faction and/or server boundaries, but the fact that i'd have to use my real life information to do so makes this completely unacceptable to me.

and on a related note, gold farmers and scammers will LOOOOOOOOVE Real ID.

seriously, let me use a screen name. anything else is incredibly stupid on Blizzard's part, and frankly, sounds like it might be open to litigation if something bad were to happen.

unless of course i waived those rights in the ToU.


Tanking hotfixes being implemented {WoW}

Feb 5th 2010 6:17AM there seems to be a lack of rational thinking from some of the posters here. Paladin tanks got nerfed. whoop-de-friggin-do. your warrior tank hasn't gotten any better. your bear is still loitering around Dal working on his dance moves.

but oh no, you guys are right. nerf pallies to the ground, baby! then those meanie raid-leaders will HAVE to take your warrior tank to ICC. you won't actually tank any better, but now nobody can stop you from trying!

maybe instead of howling for nerfs to classes you don't play, you should be clamoring for BUFFS to the ones you do.