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Officers' Quarters: The constant complainers {WoW}

May 31st 2011 2:08AM /cast Grammar Nazi

"Your spelling and grammar makes my eyes hurt."

It should be 'make', not 'makes'. You might want to reinforce that glass house of yours.

/cancelaura Grammar Nazi

BlizzCon 2011: Round one of ticket sales are sold out {WoW}

May 22nd 2011 3:05AM Of course the question got dismissed. They're not going to just give you a list of to-be bosses, and I for one appreciate that. For instance, it was pretty cool to see who's on the roster for Firelands.

Also, they may have a lot of ideas and hopes that don't come about. If they start listing who they want us to go after, then don't deliver those bosses on a silver platter, they end up with a bunch of upset players who regarded that "we hope" as an iron-clad promise of delivery.

BlizzCon 2011: Round one of ticket sales are sold out {WoW}

May 22nd 2011 2:57AM Iroquois, actually they ARE selling someone's ticket.

Scalpers buy all they can and sell them at a profit. Those tickets would have (not might have, definitely would have) been bought legitimately at Blizzard's price by someone who wanted to go.

Every scalper transaction means 4 tickets yanked out of the reach of legit buyers.

The Lawbringer: Account management and you {WoW}

May 21st 2011 5:03AM Blizzard's process for name changes on accounts is pretty much the same as the other many hoops you have to jump through. This is what is requested on the webform:

"Please provide a scanned image of the government issued documentation of the name change, or of two forms of government issued photo ID showing your name before and after the change."

Officers' Quarters: Wrath of the orange stick {WoW}

May 17th 2011 1:29AM For those in an odd niche, like my own guild, end-game raiders without attendance policies...

We use a modified SK loot list. When the Branch drops, it'll be distributed like any other piece of loot, per our loot rules.

People who obtain the Branch will get put on a list in order of getting it. If a Seething Cinder drops, it goes to the first person on the Branch's list who is present.

Breakfast Topic: What if World of Warcraft were more physics-based? {WoW}

May 15th 2011 3:58AM The bosses were the first things I thought about. There's a number of times I've referred to tanking as giving a boss a manicure/pedicure.

We can also consider the physics of carrying around those crazy shoulders while we're at it. Or a gnome warrior hefting around the troll artifact sword.

There's fantasy in my fantasy world, and I'm just fine with that.

The Queue: Impatience is a virtue {WoW}

Apr 28th 2011 5:38AM YO SACCO! Go play co-op.

My hubby played the single-player story through in one 8-hour sitting when it released. That weekend we played co-op, then I played the single.

There's no reason to delay one for the other; no spoilers or anything that I can recall. GLaDOS is her usual self (I adore her). My husband and I were constantly LOL'ing.

I do recommend verbal communications between players; sometimes GLaDOS will say different things to each player. Comparing notes adds to the fun.

P2's cup absolutely runneth over with pure win. I sure hope there's a P3.

The Queue: Stadium Love {WoW}

Apr 25th 2011 7:22AM Sorry if this has already been asked, I'm a bit short of time to search the comments. But I've heard the Tony Jay/Earl Boen thing before. I haven't yet seen any proof that Tony Jay ever did any voice-acting for WoW, but there's a lot of people who think he did.

I just checked around again. lists all releases of WoW under Boen's name, nothing for Jay.

Is there actually some evidence, somewhere, of this being wrong? It bugs me because my husband had told me it was a different voice actor after TBC, but I'm absolutely certain it's all the same voice, and I'm usually pretty good at spotting that kind of change.

Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, bribes, and player behavior {WoW}

Apr 13th 2011 7:50AM @Allison... "And while this is more a question for next week, I suppose, but does the proposed Call to Arms system really incentivize the latter to start pugging?"

Not this tank. Not with the mounts being the same, with the same drop rate, as I could get peacefully soloing the original mount-dropping content. It sounded interesting at first, but they'll have to up the ante a lot more to actually reel me in. Especially since it has to be entirely solo; I can't even pair up with my husband.

I think a lot of the downvoted posts here prove the article's point though. I don't recall ever charging for a queue in my WoW existence, I'm fairly skilled at my class, and am generally a polite and easy-going person. But there's a god-awful lot of people who just make PuGs a miserable nightmare... and too many of them enjoy doing so.

The Queue: This dog {WoW}

Apr 12th 2011 5:35AM After saying all that, I gotta add... you will very likely still need to do the questing content from the beginning. I'm not sure you can gear up adequately through profession-made items, BoEs, normal dungeons, and Archae. I personally don't mind that caveat, because as I mentioned, it'll be a lot of gold.

And, btw, Archy and ArH that I mentioned are two pretty awesome addons for Archaeology.