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WoW Moviewatch: Exodar Disco {WoW}

Jan 13th 2012 12:26PM Never retire it! I think a well-timed Exodar Disco article is very important. It takes approximately 6 months to get that song out of your head, so a timely refesher is very important!

Storyboard: There are no bathrooms on Coruscant {Massively}

Dec 12th 2011 9:02PM I'm pretty sure back in the early-ish SWG days (ie around Jump to Lightspeed's launch) this question was posed. "Why cant we have bathrooms & toilets in our player housing / space ships?" I believe one of the SWG devs said it was because Lucas / LucasArts wouldn't allow bathrooms to be shown at all in Star Wars movies or games or whatever. It's all "off-camera" but since in SWG you could create your own houses, there wasn't really a way to put toilets "off-camera" so they simply weren't allowed to be in the game at all.

Patch 4.3 5-man bosses in 5 seconds or less {WoW}

Nov 29th 2011 1:19PM Heroics ain't no big thang. Go screw your courage to the sticking place & you'll not fail. :D

Kotick questions how SWTOR will benefit EA {Massively}

Nov 29th 2011 1:07PM Here's a rather disturbing timeline of Activision under Bobby Kotick, btw, to fuel all the WoW haters. Do not be fooled tho...EA has done a lot of the same crap.

here's the Activision link:

here's one about EA:

The writer of the Activision story is MUCH more hostile toward Activision to be sure. But you get the idea

Kotick questions how SWTOR will benefit EA {Massively}

Nov 29th 2011 1:01PM Anyone who thinks the Star Wars name is enough to make TOR successful needs to go take a look at how Star Wars Galaxies turned out. The SW name alone isn't enough to ensure huge success. If Sony was making enough profit off of SWG, it wouldn't be shutting down next month. SWG was a failure pure & simple.

Kotick is a gigantic d-bag tho. gigantic. But EA & Activision are BOTH two of the most evil & predatory companies out there. Some of the things those two companies have done is despicable. But! SW fanboys need to chill the hell out. SWTOR is a well built game but 100% derivative and void of any originality whatsoever. I'm a gigatntic Bioware fanboy & even I can see that Bioware basically took *everything* out of the Blizzard playbook when building TOR. They did a great job with it--it's not crap by any means. But it's still not the fresh new thing that a lot of folks expect it to be.

TL;DR: If you feel WoW is dated & old (which I don't), you'll probably feel the same way about SWToR. And EA & Activision are both freakin' evil companies. Worse than Micro$oft even (/shudder...)

Raid Rx: A new balance for intellect and spirit in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Nov 18th 2011 2:46PM spellpower only appears on weapons, and it's there to make up for the fact that a 1:1 intellect:spellpower conversion will leave a caster a bit lacking in the damage dealing / healing throughput department, when compared to melee / physical dps. Outside of weapons, spellpower isn't a consideration.

Raid Rx: A new balance for intellect and spirit in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Nov 18th 2011 2:44PM "degree" may have been the intended word, but I like the use of the word "disagree" here, if for no other reason than there has often been plenty of disagreement amongst healers about how much regen is needed vs how much throughput. A noob healer will ask how much combat regen they need, healer A might say start at 2k, healer B might say go for 2400, healer C might say 'spirit be damned!'

Is it time to kill the global cooldown? {WoW}

Nov 15th 2011 7:29PM To clarify, pre-CU SWG combat queued up your attacks that you could see in a window so there wasnt 500 attacks hitting instantly, but they would hit one right after another right after another with no break in-between. Those with faster computers & connections had a GIGANTIC advantage over those without. That & the fact that RECUSIVE macros (!) were allowed are the sorts of reasons why GCD's are absolutely necessary in MMOs (& why recursive macros are banned in most mmo's...but that's another story altogether).

Is it time to kill the global cooldown? {WoW}

Nov 15th 2011 7:26PM Gotta agree with Bossy here, tho Bossy is being a bit douchy in his comments, he is absoutely correct. I will say this tho, Mr Rossi, being a writer/editor of this site, I would expect you to not engage in the douche-baggery that often infests any forum. Rise above it dude, & learn to recognize when you are patently wrong in your assertion instead of responding in an equally (if not moreso) douche-baggy manner.

Is it time to kill the global cooldown? {WoW}

Nov 15th 2011 7:16PM Anyone who played SWG Pre-CU knows firsthand why a GCD is absolutely necessary for an MMO. Those who didn't are lucky. Some of the things you could get away with, re. macros & the like, were absolutely ridiculous.