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WoW Moviewatch: DPS-adin rocking Naxx {WoW}

Sep 27th 2006 7:32PM After watching this video, I decided to bust out my pvp gear during farm content, ZG/MC/BWL/AQ20 when healing numbers allowed. I found that stuff died signifigantly faster. no, don't have near the gear this guy has.. but with my pvp build, I found especially during trash things died fast. Not only that, but rogues and tanks actually appreciated having someone there next to them to make sure judgement of light was up constantly. I instructed people not to heal me, and took relitively little damage as long as i was careful. I kept this up while cleansing, and also tossing the odd emergency heal to a rogue or tank. Was also in range for a quick LOH if required (saved a possible nef wipe because of it)

so it's viable, if you have a properly built raid to have a paladin do this. I'd even go so far as to say that having atleast one up there doing his best is an *asset* as a back lines paladin required to keep judgements up, often there will be a few seconds while you run into range to stick it back up. There's also vindication, which unfortunately has been nerfed on most fights, but still works on lots of trash mobs, and even nefarion.

as for the video, I really wish he hadn't edited out the inbetween stuff. i think he should release a second 'uncut' version spike damage is exciting and all.. but average damage is important.

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