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Breakfast Topic: Your very own NPC {WoW}

May 3rd 2011 8:48AM My NPC would carry my real life name with a twist, but recognizable.

I'm going to © this :P

He would randomly pop up all over the world (where players are present), in instances and raids as well (even during boss encounters) and tell content related jokes. That would reflect how I am as a person, always sporting a joke with a general bright look at life.

Officers' Quarters: Multiple personalities {WoW}

Feb 8th 2010 2:08PM I like the article.
I've been pondering about the same thing from time to time, as I've got a few friends that share and trade accounts on a frequent basis. I know a few of my friend's account details aswell, but I never played with any of them (except from boosting a few of my alts from time to time). And mostly I use them for their tradeskills.

Back to the dilemma.
I would never let anyone in as a core part of my raid guild if they are sharing the account, be the same toon or different toons. And they would not be able to even gaze upon the stuff inside the gbank. They probably would not be kept in the guild at all. It's a risk in my opinion.

From my personal experience the players that share or trade accounts are players that has a lack of loyalty and play for the pure immediate fun of it all. Ehen it is not fun for them anymore, they go elsewhere. A new character, a new account, a new realm. Who knows? I've lost track of a few of my own friends simply because I stopped playing with them when I saw their true colors. Don't expect them to show up when fully geared and they start running out of upgrades. They are tuesday/wednesday kind of players.

Boot them, I say!