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Scattered Shots: Beast Mastery 101, page 3 {WoW}

Feb 28th 2010 11:03PM So imagine my surprise when I go over the scattered shots articles for the month of February just to revisit them and hopefully help win the hunter bet, when I realize there is a whole article I missed completely.
I love the BM spec as something to mess around with. I put it on while I go mine in Icecrown so that I can let Korah tank the mobs while I happily steal the Titanium Ore that the Tauren (krazykatts) has been sitting on. He gets so mad. As a Night Elf (sorry) I can't understand what he says when I steal them, but I don't think its very nice.
Not that anyone has made the claim, but in case you read this and somehow miss the whole point, while BM is not the absolute best for raiding, it is not useless by far.

A look at GM Island and the Player Jail {WoW}

Feb 26th 2010 3:30PM So what you're telling me is that when I got the "Tip" that there was no cow level during loading screens it was merely a ruse to throw me off the fact that there was GM Island. Touche Blizz, Touche.

Scattered Shots: Dreaming of awesome ammo {WoW}

Feb 26th 2010 3:01PM As someone else who has bought more shatter rounds than I care to admit, I would also love to see a non-consumable ammo. While I do think the ideas suggested here would be good choices, I just don't see Blizzard doing anything that spectacular for us. I could see Blizzard buffing it a little more. Maybe making an ammo we specifically PvP with and one we PvE would be ok, that way it would give us some versatitlity, but I really have no faith that Blizzard will ever give us anything really awesome.

Here's to hoping I am dead wrong.

And Frost as always, well done sir, well done.

Scattered Shots: Hunter trinkets {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2010 5:27PM So imagine my dismay when Frost says that the two he likes the least of the trinkets are the NES and the MoS, because guess which two I have right now... However I currently am getting a good deal of hit from MoS so that saves it a little.
If I may defend someone so uncommonly good looking with an uncommonly hairy arm who deserves an uncommonly large number of friendship bracelets (wow, I've got to find a way to shorten that), just know that Frost really does do his own number crunching and scientific analysis. Last night on the Hunting Party's first ever LIVE Podcast, someone asked a question of which would be better DPS (I forget the exact specifics of the question) but I, and I think everyone else, was impressed to hear Frost pull out a calculator and run the numbers to give an exact answer instead of a, "Oh, I think its this one."
Well done sir, well done.

Patch 3.3.3 PTR: Upcoming profession changes {WoW}

Feb 21st 2010 10:49PM Any ideas on what this will do to Titanium Ore? I imagine it will increase as TItansteal will be able to be made en masse. Just want to know if my cash cow will keep me happy.

All the World's a Stage: Forming a roleplay troupe {WoW}

Feb 21st 2010 10:28PM Not that I've been into roleplaying, but it could be fun doing say, a murder mystery or something like that. Did a real life one with some friends, and it turned out ok. Everyone had a few key things they were told, and we just started from there. As I'm not a part of an RP server, I don't even know if that's like something very common, or a fresh idea, but I just thought I'd throw that in.

Ghostcrawler says no buff to Beast Mastery hunter pet damage {WoW}

Feb 19th 2010 6:50PM I think the greatest overall reason is what the full response from Ghostcrawler points out. If say the pet does die, and the BM loses say 50% damage, what will he do then? I don't know if any of you remember your leveling days when you pulled 4 mobs at once and lvlingpet1 (Shelly) died on you and then FD was resisted and you were screwed, but I sure do. I had no other choice than too walk (float) back to my body. Well imagine that same feeling when on Arthas raidwolf dies and you all of a sudden have no serious damage to offer for the raid. And now because you're only doing 3k dps, your whole raid misses the enrage timer and you lose that attempt after Frostmourne sucks your soul through you eyeholes. Ya, all because Kujo got a little to bite happy. Imagine how well that'll go over with the raid.
Ya I know that's a pretty extreme set of circustances. And yes, I know that if that does happen then your raid most likely has a lot of other problems to deal with. But who's to say it can't happen.

Scattered Shots: Can Beast Mastery raid? {WoW}

Feb 11th 2010 1:53PM If Raiding with no pants on is greater than or equal to being a BM hunter, than I, good friends, am a MM spec'd BM Hunter.

Ok, sorry for the lame attempt at humor, but my inner nerd couldn't resist (also has the benefit of being mostly true). From what I see, people here who have the main problem with this article start out their posts the same way. "I'm a BM hunter, and I think I do ok (or better) than the people I raid with." And that is Anecdotal evidence. Let me channel my own inner "Grandpappy" and tell you all a story. Last night I played 1 vs. 5 basketball with some friends. Final score was 10-0 me. Even though I got fouled every time i touched the ball, I still won. Now does that mean that I am the greatest player ever. Do I have the finesse of Kobe, the strength of LeBron, the moves like D-Wade? Nope. That just means I played with a bunch of first grade boys that I teach on Wednesday nights.

That's what your stories tell us. Yes you may be great with your raid team, and if thats how you and your friends have fun, then great, play on. But if I ever wanted to improve my skill as a player, than I wouldn't look at my performance against those first graders (or in this case the people I raid with), I would look at the greats. Those people who have done more and know more about the game than I ever will. Only then could I see how much room there was for improvement.

And thats why I think the meters Frost provided are so valuable. If I understand this correctly, the meters take a look at the top numbers posted on each fight. That being correct, than these top numbers in all likelihood come from the best geared people playing that spec. I believe one of the argument is that the best hunters don't play that spec, and therefore we can't see how they would do in those fight. That just further proves that the BM spec isn't viable. If the best players aren't playing it, than there must be a reason. It would be like saying you can't conclude playing on your knees in an NBA game isn't a good way to play, because Kobe or LeBron haven't done it. I can assure you that the hinderance they would put themselves at would make them worse than even the most mediocre of NBA players.

So look, I know this article is a just the product of a long-winded individual, but if you can't quite follow my ramblings, this is the summary (written mostly for the uncommonly good-looking like Frost who just read maybe one line per paragraph). Yes in your case, BM may work for you and your raid group. But in the who wide World of Warcraft, the BM spec just does not put out the same damage as MM or SV can put out, and that is why it is not raid viable.

Scattered Shots: Skill vs. gear {WoW}

Feb 5th 2010 10:53PM Just to further emphasize the point, in my guild I am the fourth highest GS as far as dps toons go. And all three higher gs outgear me by about 200+ points (I'm at about 2700gs). Now granted they are a Shadow Priest, DK, and Warlock, but they still have enough gear that they should be equal if not over my dps and damage done. Well the Shadow Priest is close to me, but the 'Lock and DK barely break 3k dps. So while probably not the end all be all of anecdotal evidence, it's my two cents.