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Poor leadership kills BattleGround teams {WoW}

Feb 14th 2006 1:01PM forlex:
it was 30-39 WSG, but i think the dirty punk was 39, so he could've pushed to 40 by yesterday. but if you see a KD out and about on draka, don't hesitate to taunt him, smoke him and give him my love (McJiggy - 37 undead 'lock).

hope to see you soon in those 40-49 BGs!

Poor leadership kills BattleGround teams {WoW}

Feb 14th 2006 9:28AM one of my least favorite things that can happen in BG is one, maybe two players, who are really doing well in-game, get frustrated that other players aren't able to do as well as they are. so this PC/PCs, starts to bitch and moan about everyone being noobs (although it's highly probable that everyone playing at the moment has level 60 alts). after some time yelling, the frustrated player curses, then simply up and leaves - instead of stepping up to take charge and show a little direction to others who aren't measuring up to their standards. instead of trying to regroup and get a battle plan together - they're out.

my worst experience so far in BG happened this weekend. a particular horde PC on draka realm (we'll call him "killadawg" for the hell of it) captured the flag, got it all the way back to home base - and refused to plant the flag. he just ran around our base until the entire alliance team showed up to slaughter him. my first thought was that killadawg was an alliance plant...but he'd already captured the flag once before. i dunno what the deal was - but that's the most pissed an in-game action had ever made me. our raid leader booted him and KD logged out of the battle shortly thereafter.

Massively multiplayer single player gaming {WoW}

Feb 8th 2006 2:38PM i think people who are surprised by this data operate under a false assumption: that MMOs have a _necessary_ social aspect. i don't think they do (and i think the data supports this). what makes MMOs attractive is that they provide for the _possibility_ of social interaction should individual players want or need it. most games don't provide the level of social possibilities MMOs offer, which probably leads to the assumption that most players utilize these functions of the game.
(i personally think most people play MMOs because they get addicted to the rush of building up a character.)

i play solo mostly because i'm on at odd hours and don't have the wherewithal for coordinating groups. i do, however, really enjoy the multiplayer aspect when everything comes together (like the a-team).

anyway, thanks for linking to this fascinating study.

Breakfast Topic: Emoting {WoW}

Feb 8th 2006 2:15PM i prefer to chill out suckas by emoting:
i once had a NE taunting the hell out of me, doing the chicken emote, and with one lick, i caused him pause. 20 more made him leave the area. now i use it all the time to great effect.
i also like to /sleep on taxi rides.

Interesting NPC names {WoW}

Jan 6th 2006 8:23PM just outside of deathknell there's a group of undead mobs - all named after oingo boingo:
Samuel Fipps, Stephen Bhartec, Karrel Grayves and Daniel Ulfman - and oingo boingo is remembered for their song 'dead man's party'

Ahn'Qiraj War Effort {WoW}

Jan 6th 2006 11:23AM valley of spirits in ogrimmar for horde