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Free Radical founder forms Facebook studio {Joystiq}

Aug 13th 2009 8:04AM Everyone knows Farmville is the king, laws yes, everybody knows that.

XMB battery meter glitch 'definitely being corrected' {Joystiq}

Jul 8th 2009 11:10AM yeah typo ftl. When you turn system on, mine at least is on downloaded games, and always on flow.

XMB battery meter glitch 'definitely being corrected' {Joystiq}

Jul 8th 2009 8:25AM How about fixing the media streaming so it plays albums in order, instead of alphabitically. And how about not having ot on a game when the sytem is turned on. They still have a lot to catch up with nxe...

BioWare not worried about MMO competition, Jedi way cooler than orcs {Joystiq}

Jun 19th 2009 4:15PM May the Thrall be with you...

New Games This Month: June 2009 {Joystiq}

Jun 8th 2009 4:41PM Tiger Woods Wii. And Woodstock + Flight 666 blu-ray.

Bioware profiles first Old Republic class: Bounty Hunter {Joystiq}

Mar 21st 2009 1:08PM Best avatar ever
"Aye aye aye - the blarney stone brings a tear to me eye"

and hell yeah on flamethrowers and sadness

Target receives new PS3 SKU to release after GDC {Joystiq}

Mar 17th 2009 2:08PM This is the gimped 80 gig right?

Joyswag: Duke Nukem Manhattan Project (Party like it's 2002!) {Joystiq}

Mar 10th 2009 12:48PM this will really cheer me up since Dave Thomas died on January 8th.

Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits screens look familiar {Joystiq}

Mar 5th 2009 4:55PM I really want one of the game to bring back lead and rhythm again. Hoping for it in GH:M but I doubt it. Had to dust of GH2 last weekend for a Jessica rock out with my wife. BRING BACK 2X GUITARS!