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Resident Evil 5 producer: 'There is no racial element to it at all' {Joystiq}

Feb 25th 2009 8:08AM Sorry to say it but these racism claims are counterproductive to equality issues.

Equality means looking at the game and saying I'm shooting zombies. The second you weigh more significance to the fact your killing black zombies, you just stepped into racism territory.

If you truly believed the world was equal you should be able to line up a zombie of every nation, colour, race, and sex.. put a bullet in each one of their faces without any issue.

The fact that everyone acts as though the world is going to end when a black zombies is shot is a clear indicator of where the racism lies. Otherwise it should be just as acceptable to kill a spanish zombie as it is to kill a black zombie or a white zombie or a nazi in a WW game.

If you seriously see a difference between killing a white zombie and a black zombie you are NOT looking at both races as equal which ironically makes any non-black person joining in with this 'damnation' a racist...

The fact this has caused such outcry highlights the fact society as a whole is still seperating groups and minorities even in such a medium as gaming.

Its not segregation in its strongest form but we are now saying we cannot have black zombies or set a game such as this in a black area of the world. Is that not a form of racism and seperation?

Think about it logically.

Mark Jacobs of WAR: "I'm flattered" by Wrath's PvP {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2008 7:27AM "Is the CEO jsut trying to get headlines to promote WAR? I honestly believe he is"


Several Blizzard highups have been making snarky comments in interviews.

Mark Jacobs is responding.

Authors tone seems bitter and convieniently leaves out the comments first made by warcraft CEO, and Kaplan.

Funny that.

The Light and How to Swing It: The shocking truth in Beta {WoW}

Aug 18th 2008 6:23AM Shockadin works for the people who like it. Get over it already and go specc ret if thats what you like. Ret speccs are not going to be nerfed because people use the tree for Shockadin specs so get your panties out of a twist and leave the subject alone.

I specc Shockadin for PvP and with 1k spell damage can eat Rets, Warriors, and Rogues in BG's most of the time while still providing solid heal support.

I have a decent epic ret set with close to 2k AP and I can tell you now, in my opinion Shockadin is more well rounded and fun to play, 6k heals and 5k burst damage from shock + judgement combo, 11k HP and 10K mana.

Go swing your two hander and hope for a Command proc already..

Jesus, theres nothing like in-fighting over speccs than Paladins.

The Light and How to Swing It: Support class in disguise {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2008 7:17AM "As much as Shockadins will protest, the truth is, Holy is a support spec. It is terrible for questing and the best thing to do is find a partner who can kill things for you"

While I agree, Holy is a support specc I dont agree with the Shockadin comment at all.

I quest/do dailys/BG as a shockadin and do just fine.. I aoe grind mass mobs at Deaths Door for aldor rep just fine.. I heal for almost 6k in BG's and instances without even equipping my Heal set just fine...

Shockadins have no probs when played correctly but require a high level of gear to be effective.

...not to mention, the shockadin build is the closest build to The Paladins of old that your ever going to get.

"The Paladins of the Silver Hand tore up the battlefield, wielding sword and shield in perfect fluidity with the Light. The perfect defense, the perfect offense. The physical prowess of the Paladins combined with their healing powers was one of the single largest contributors to the Alliance's victory in the Second War"

The perfect defense, the perfect offense. 6k heals and 3k Holy Shocks + 2.6k Righteous Judgements.. Sounds about right to me.

Double the mana of ret, double the heals, slightly less reliable DPS, 12k armour and 10k Health.. sry to say of all the builds I've tried Shockadin is the best all rounder in my opinion.

Hands-on with Ideazon's Zboard gaming keyboard {WoW}

Jan 29th 2008 10:19AM I use the Fang gamepad.. same kinda thing, same company.. no keyboard just WASD keys with a ton of buttons situated around them.. Standar 1-12 for action bars then a lot of others that can be used for various things.

Great stuff, love it for all PC gaming!

Mage buffs on the horizon {WoW}

Nov 9th 2007 6:05AM Buffing us by removing an old nerf that never should have happened by removing damage tax on Improved fire/frost/arcane /ball/bolt/missiles.

'Buffing' us by leaving Hypothermia at the same duration it is now

Buffing Fire/Arcane by letting them train IceBlock while not providing any extra *BOOM* for frostmages on top of the damage tax reduction despite giving every other specced mage the same survival chances.

Saying Evocate is working as intended, stack spirit to get benefit. Now, after everyone stacks a spirit set for evocate, it gets changed to be int based as it wasnt performing as intended.

Great buffs.. *sigh*

Seen as IceBlock has been given away free (dont have a problem with that) which gives non-frost mages a nice boost to survival chances, give frost some extra damage to bring it more in line with other speccs. Its only fair, spec fire for damage, frost for survivability is how its been for a long time..

Give fire more survival with IceBlock, have a heart and give frost a little more damage in return I say!

Breakfast Topic: Your least favorite instance {WoW}

Sep 11th 2007 10:24AM Hands down BRD (RDS - Repetitive Dwarven Sh*thole)

I liked it for about an hour then it started to grate on me. After the 5th or 6th run I really started to detest the place.. now if a guildie even posts a boost request for the place it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Harry Plotter and the Ninja of the Phoenix {WoW}

Aug 21st 2007 6:27AM "So the officers went to another channel and discussed it"

Theres your problem right there it seems to me.

If it was a case of it dropped, GL announced we'll discuss it later, then the officers went away and chatted about it with no Guild input and suddenly the GL loots the mount.. all on the officers say so.. Id think twice about putting even a minute more of my time in to help that group out.

Why bother when the officers and GL can quietly shut the door on the guild while they decide what to do with a drop thats out of the ordinary?

I play to help the guild, if the GL asks me for the mount and I respect him/her and they do a lot of work for the guild.. sure I'd pass in a heartbeat and have a lot more respect for the GL/officers if they at least asked the guild instead of telling them after the decision has been made

Im not that fussed about an epic mount to be honest. However I AM fussed about a fair system being in place where the GL/officers consult the guild.

But thats just my opinion. I wasnt there.

Reader UI of the Week: Omegi {WoW}

May 2nd 2007 7:02AM urrrghh, too used to adding url tags..

Reader UI of the Week: Omegi {WoW}

May 2nd 2007 7:00AM Chronnick

Personally your UI (and to a lesser degree the OP) is too much for me. If it works for you great, but I cant do with losing so much space onscreen for buttons/chat window etc.

Heres a link to my UI.


Bongos to move and rescale the action bars, the usuall CT_mod stuff for buffs and Raid. Cryolysis to free up more action bar space, KTM threat meter set to only show in groups, mappy for the mini-map.

I lost my patience with Pearl Unit Frames and went back to default as the enemy cast bar wasnt working right for me.

Other Addons I use as standard, Auctioneer, Emchantrix, Recipe Radar, Outfitter, Atlas, Atlas loot, Cartographer, and fishing buddy. All either tucked around the minimap or I memorize the slash commands to load them.

My goal was to cut down as much onscreen clutter as possible without going dual screen and literally throwing my UI over to the second screen.