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Gold Capped: Making ridiculous sums of money on the auction house {WoW}

Feb 14th 2010 11:43PM Personally, I find speculation to be more fun than actually playing the auction house. I really enjoy the release of a new expansion and the sudden influx of new markets to take advantage of. I'm one of those people who, -- while most of the server is rushing to the new cap -- is leveling her herbalism and fishing to sell the raw mats at an astonishingly high price. In Wrath I was selling goldclover stacks for 50 to 60g a pop at the outset, and when the herb market inevitably stabilized I moved into flasks (Those went for 150 to 200g a pop for a good month) and then, inevitably, into the epic gem market. I had three maxed alchemists on my server, and over a period of 2 or 3 months I made over 35,000g just selling those gems and doing six or seven tournament dailies.

I just like the rush of the new market appeal. I'm sort of like the first crazy fool out there when someone hollers gold rather than a thoughtful, planned business.