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Spiritual Guidance: Assessing yourself {WoW}

Feb 15th 2010 10:40AM Just want to say that when Ulduar came out, many guilds wiped on Yogg. My guild got to him the first week, then spent 20 hours wiping on him. We would have been in full 213 gear. The fight required perfect execution back then as well and my guild only had a few good dps so the rest of them might as well have been in blues. Killing Yogg in blues certainly makes a point that skill>gear but that is the case for most progression guilds. Look at the guilds who killed Lich King last week - do you not think that required perfect execution? What about vodka clearing all the heroic nonattempt bosses that many people are going to be stuck on for weeks? Skill sets those players apart from everyone else.