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iPad hacked with Verizon MiFi innards {}

Jun 17th 2010 4:41PM The practice of posting negative statements that don't contribute anything, designed only to upset other users.

Mac mini supply said to be dwindling, world wonders 'why?' {Engadget}

Jun 3rd 2010 7:38PM @redhineymonkey: If Apple came out with a Mac Mini media center at $500, it would be the first Apple product I'd have bought since the 1st-gen G3 iMac.

Multitasking comes to iPhone OS 4.0 -- but not to the iPhone 3G {Engadget}

Apr 8th 2010 3:41PM @groberts1980 Apple painted themselves into that corner by skimping on RAM and designing the OS around not using the onboard storage as swap. And they did it again with the iPad's 256MB, despite that RAM being shared with a GPU having to cover 2.5x the resolution - you can see it in Safari's reloading issues with multiple pages open compared to the 3GS.

They never wanted to implement multitasking. Jobs hates the idea of that on a mobile device. Enough people yelled loud enough, so they shoehorned it in as best as they could. But nothing can change the absolute-minimum 128MB of RAM on a 3G/2nd gen Touch.

Multitasking comes to iPhone OS 4.0 -- but not to the iPhone 3G {Engadget}

Apr 8th 2010 2:55PM Will the 8GB 3rd gen iPod touch (with the old 2nd-gen hardware) get multitasking? Seems doubtful, but Jobs did say 3rd-gen iPod touch without any sort of qualification.

If it does, hoo boy, I'd love to hear the rationalization. If not, then why not mention it?

MechWarrior 4 free release 'held up' by Microsoft {Joystiq}

Apr 2nd 2010 10:35PM The Weisman curse strikes down yet another another company.

MekTek will join FASA, FASA Studios, WizKids, FanPro and Living Room Games. Catalyst Game Labs, which licenses Shadowrun and BattleTech for print RPGs, is circling the drain as well, with stories about owners stealing $850k from the company. (

Ask Engadget: Best Bluetooth gamepad for the PC? {Engadget}

Mar 25th 2010 11:10PM The best Bluetooth gamepad for PC is the Dualshock 3. Every other BT gamepad is designed for mobile phones - which means small, cheap, no analog sticks, built for emulators.

There's the BGT100, that's as good as it gets for something that's not a PS3 or 360 controller.

The PS3 Dualshock 3 is Bluetooth and it takes very little effort to set up for PC. Sorry, that's all there is. I've been looking, too, since 2006.

Super Meat Boy dude: 'App Store is Tiger handheld of this generation' {Joystiq}

Mar 11th 2010 7:46PM "I'm sure this doesn't apply to the one person who bought this game for $299"

14 people bought it at $299, not 1.

Via Gamasutra:

After observing that fortuitous trend, Refenes decided to test its resilience by boosting the game's selling price every time at least one copy was sold.

"I stopped paying attention to it for a while," he recalled, then "I checked it on Valentine's Day, and 14 people bought it at $299."

Microsoft set to destroy Apple in every games market {Download Squad}

Mar 7th 2010 4:34PM It is a neat feature, but MS said nothing about what devs have to sign up for to _use_ that capability in a real-world environment.

Do you have to be a licensed dev? A Creator's Club dev? Some new tier that hasn't been announced? Or will there be a new version of XNA with Live and non-Live network code? Because portable states like that are only convenient with a network connection, and that's something MS has locked away from independent developers - even fee-paying indies - since it was introduced in XNA 2.

Microsoft set to destroy Apple in every games market {Download Squad}

Mar 7th 2010 4:05PM Before this announcement, XNA was already compiling to PC, 360 and Zune/Zune HD, and had been since 2008.

The only news here is XNA support for Windows Phone 7, a platform that doesn't exist yet in the marketplace. Even that's not a surprise: .NET, which is the foundation for XNA's gaming libraries, could already compile the same code for Windows and WinMo 6; XNA wasn't added because there most WinMo 6 devices didn't have the hardware to handle it.

The screed against the App Store in favor of XBL Marketplace is baffling, however, as XBL - even its indie store - has its own set of narrow and strangely applied content restrictions, buy-in dev membership (even the price, $99/year, is the same) and top-down out-of-your-hands management. Maybe the biggest difference is the peer-review nature of the XNA Creator's Club, but MS has dropped in and pulled apps off their store (or, more often, refused to post them) just as Apple has.

You say it'd be nice to buy a game once on XBL and play it on your desktop and mobile device, but XBL, Games for Windows Live and Zune Marketplace have been around together for more than a year, and there's not even XBL-to-PC integration, much less all three.

If you buy the same game in multiple marketplaces, your saved games can't be ported over even if they're technically compatible. Achievements and gamerscore are in the XDK Extensions, which are only available to MS-licensed Xbox 360 developers. XNA's built-in networking code requires a separate agreement with MS to use the Live servers - to have networking features that don't use Live, you have to write your own networking code.

Even cross-platform multiplayer, which MS said was supposed to "take over" in 2008, fizzled after Shadowrun flopped; the only other first-party game to use it is UNO. Devs avoid it because MS controls whether games can access Live for cross-platform multiplayer, and the restrictions - especially on the PC end - aren't worth the potential benefit.

What I'm saying is this a developer's announcement - code once, compile on multiple platforms - that doesn't mean anything you claim it will to gamers unless Microsoft does an about face on how they've managed their marketplaces over the last two years, such as exerting tougher-than-Apple control over features like cross-platform and Live integration, and network access.

College offers freshmen a choice: iPad or MacBook {}

Feb 24th 2010 8:01AM Is it the 3G iPad with service? That'd go a long ways toward evening out the value.