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iPad CPU may find its way into next-gen iPhone {}

Jan 30th 2010 4:50AM @Montana Leet: Which nobody did because RISC NT driver support was crap. Or did you mean virtualization, which was also crap until the Intel switch, and would be worse on a bank of low-clock-speed ARM derivatives?

AT&T on iPad 3G data: We can handle it {}

Jan 30th 2010 4:39AM @sodapop I've been doing 2GB a month on an E71x.

AT&T on iPad 3G data: We can handle it {}

Jan 30th 2010 4:32AM iPad 3G has GPS. Who started that stupid rumor that it doesn't?

Editorial: Engadget on the Apple iPad {Engadget}

Jan 29th 2010 8:05PM "all this instant negative reaction to the iPad just conjures up memories of 2001, when Slashdot famously dismissed the iPod as "lame." "

The iPod _was_ lame in 2001. It was a rush job designed in 10 months using third-party software and a third-party interface. It didn't work with Windows _at all_. The mechanical wheel was infamously bad. It had dual ARMs and a hard drive chewing through a Li-Poly battery that was so bad, Apple paid everyone who bought one using a Li-Poly $50 in a class-action lawsuit settlement.

iTunes wouldn't even exist for another two years. There wasn't Windows support until 2G, no USB support or dock until 3G.

1G's total lifetime sales were way south of 1 million. It was a proof of concept, much like the 1G iPhone and MBA. The iPod and iPhone improved over time, but early adopters were punished with some really lacking crap in a gorgeous package, filled in later through upgraded hardware. The tech that went into the MBA led to thinner MacBooks with integrated batteries.

This too is probably a proof of concept, and when it 2G comes out for $50 less with multitasking, and 3G comes out for $100 less, or $200 less on subsidy, it'll be ubiquitous. But anyone buying _this device_ _right now_ and isn't a developer getting a head start on the form factor is a money-wasting fool.

iPad vs. iPhone: what does 3G cost you? {Engadget}

Jan 27th 2010 4:38PM @adambant "iPhone OS 4.0 is just around the corner. Expect to see many advancements with that version, e.g. Multitasking, multiple existing apps on one screen etc."

Define "around the corner." Unless it's before April, that means the iPad will launch without those features, which you conjured up from nowhere.

If OS 4 _is_ going to come out before the iPad, why not hype up all those great features now?

Apple iPad first hands-on! (update: video!) {Engadget}

Jan 27th 2010 4:30PM @UnravelMe Unlocked doesn't mean the OS is open. You realize that, right? It's just not tied exclusively to AT&T like the iPhone officially is.

Apple iPad first hands-on! (update: video!) {Engadget}

Jan 27th 2010 3:51PM @lane3128 "I'll take something I can put in my bag charge once a week and take notes and do some quick browsing any day."

How does a $500 netbook not already do this for you?

Apple iPad first hands-on! (update: video!) {Engadget}

Jan 27th 2010 3:48PM One thing to note off Apple's spec sheet: 30 fps MPEG4 video is only supported up to 480p. Only H.264 is supported to 720p.

Apple iPad first hands-on! (update: video!) {Engadget}

Jan 27th 2010 3:45PM @chipwinter I don't have any doubt that this will sell well. The relevant question for me isn't how many units will sell - I don't own AAPL. What I want to know is why I should buy one. There aren't any selling points compared to Apple's own devices, much less its competitors.

Apple iPad first hands-on! (update: video!) {Engadget}

Jan 27th 2010 3:42PM @gamer555 Have you asked anyone who's been putting Android on netbooks for the last year or so?