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CCP touts EVE growth, considers IPO {Massively}

Feb 22nd 2012 10:42AM Too bad it's just the revenue growing and not subscriber numbers. This probably just means people are buying more PLEX. I wouldn't be surprised because they've been advertising them a lot, not to mention their in-game sale price has just about doubled since they were introduced.

Want to freelance for Massively? We want you! [Updated] {Massively}

Nov 2nd 2011 12:31PM Just take the free money?

New EVE video devblog series shows off revamped nebulae {Massively}

Oct 29th 2011 11:59AM As a former EVE subscriber I have to agree with you. I started playing just after Apocrypha and have watched the game go downhill ever since. I unsubscribed shortly after monoclegate, although I had decided that I was going to anyway as I was pretty bored of it all.

EVE is still the best MMO I've ever played and I have fond memories of my time in the sandbox. EVE captured my imagination like no other game has. However, these new changes are just too little too late. It took a whole year of the playerbase saying "no" for CCP to finally get it, and really I'm just done. The magic is gone.

I hope I can go back in the future, but I am very much on the fence and I think I will be for a long time until I see some concrete development and iteration on space features.

Blizzard announces World of Warcraft Annual Pass {WoW}

Oct 21st 2011 3:19PM If I get the annual pass can I give the game to another account and then add the collectors to my own? Or does it just get automatically added without giving you the key to apply?

APB Reloaded cracks down on cheaters {Massively}

Oct 2nd 2011 12:18PM "...with users spending $30 per month on hacks."

I really fail to see how $30 a month to win could provide a better experience of the game compared to spending $30 on microtransactions and winning with legitimacy and skill.

EVE Evolved: Three years of EVE Evolved {Massively}

Apr 25th 2011 8:38AM My favourite EVE Evolved from this year is definitely "The Great Wormhole Heist", a piece that was written about the villainous deeds of "scott". The article is very evocative, as stories of the EVE universe tend to be. I appreciate guides and informative articles on some occasions, but its really the stories of EVE, things that can happen in no other game, that grab peoples' attention, especially the villainous ones >:) I am always amazed that this kind of emergent gameplay can happen in an online game, and I praise CCP for making this an integral part of the game. In fact, it was an article like this (also published by you) that finally persuaded me to subscribe to EVE. It got me thinking of the kind of awesome opportunities I could be met with if I played the game. I am still playing to this day.

I'd like to see an interview with The Mittani. He is a very influential person in New Eden, even more so now that he is the chairman of the CSM. Sure, he may be a little arrogant (:P), but I believe he has some great insights into the game and he always has a lot of interesting (and evil!) things to talk about. Also, after seeing his presentation at Fanfest '11 I would love to see an interview with CCP t0rfifrans. He shared some amazing things about the future of EVE and got players really excited, it would be great to hear more!

In terms of new articles, I would like to see one based on selling wormholes as a profession. This is what I do in my spare time in EVE, but I see a lot of people trying to get into it that don't really know what wormholes are desired and what effects, planets and statics are preferred.

Thanks :)

One Shots: Where's the rum gone? {Massively}

Sep 11th 2010 5:44AM Actually, Privateers hunted the enemies of the nation who issued them with their letter of marque. This included pirates, but also any country who was at war with them at the time.

The Daily Grind: What's the cruelest prank you've played on a new player? {Massively}

Aug 30th 2010 8:28AM Should do it in the twisting nether... no way to escape then :P

The Daily Grind: What's the cruelest prank you've played on a new player? {Massively}

Aug 30th 2010 8:24AM One time on a WoW PvE server my high level rogue friend and I (a hunter) went to the troll/orc starting area. I would flag myself, hide, and use Eyes of the Beast on one of the boars. I would then walk the boar about in a similar manner to the other boars. My rogue friend would cloak next to it, and we would wait for a hapless noob to hit it, and then gank them before they knew what happened.

Good times.

Yeah, we could have just played on a PvP server and ganked them easily... but that's not even half as fun.

New ArenaNet blog post details dialogue in Guild Wars 2 {Massively}

Aug 7th 2010 5:45AM Sigh. This was a reply to my original comment on page 1.