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Cataclysm Class Changes: Warrior {WoW}

Apr 8th 2010 12:35PM NO.

"Gushing Wound

The ability is currently planned to have no cooldown, cost 10 Rage, and have a 9-second duration. "

Are they JOKING? Even if barely does ANY damage, that's going to murder Rogues and feral Druids in PvP.

The Queue: In which Adam will surely get some QQ for his answer {WoW}

Apr 5th 2010 3:03PM I loved battlegrounds while leveling. It was a terrific break from the daily grind back in the day. Then twinking became big and it stopped being fun. Then I got to end game and thought battlegrounds would be fun again. Then arena became big and it stopped being fun.

I really hope Cataclysm brings everything it's promising. I'd like to be able to go into a battleground and not get demolished just because I don't do arenas.

The Lawbringer: Kids and Contracts {WoW}

Mar 29th 2010 9:11PM Although irrelevant to myself, I enjoy learning new things like this every week. Keep it up!

The Daily Blues {WoW}

Mar 20th 2010 3:31AM I understand that having a niche tank means they won't be able to tank everything, but how about, and follow me on this one, that all the tanks CAN tank everything, but some can tank certain things...better, but not to the point that you would consider swapping just for a single fight or trash.

The Daily Blues {WoW}

Mar 11th 2010 12:40AM Mailboxes...confusing players...hubbawha?

The Daily Blues {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2010 3:18AM As long as they can be called Blueberry Rofls

Cataclysm Stat & System Changes Revealed {WoW}

Mar 1st 2010 1:36PM This. Is. AWESOME.

A look at GM Island and the Player Jail {WoW}

Feb 26th 2010 2:10PM Scene: Player Jail
GM: You have been accused of ninja'ing from your last run of Heroic Azjol-Nerub. How do you plead?
Ninja: Not guilty.
*Ninja receives continuous damage until they are at half health*
*GM places four pieces of gear in front of them*
GM: How many pieces of gear did you ninja?
Ninja: I didn't ninja an-
*Ninja receives continuous damage until they are at quarter health*
GM: How many pieces of gear did you ninja?
Ninja: F..four...
*Ninja receives damage to send him to one percent health*
GM: How many pieces of gear did you ninja?
Ninja: Four! I ninja'd four!
*GM places a fifth piece of gear before the Ninja*
GM: How many pieces of gear did you ninja?
Ninja: I only took fo-
*Ninja is knocked unconscious; something in his mind tells him his punishment is not over* Giveaway: Stormrage by Richard A. Knaak {WoW}

Feb 24th 2010 9:35PM This is a comment.

Officers' Quarters: PvPvRaid {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2010 1:44PM I'm just gonna quote the parts I'm replying to:

Jonathan: "In addition, you can find someone in /trade spamming LFM ICC just about any time of day."

That doesn't mean they know what they are doing or have competent raiders with them. Even a casual guild knows to make sure everyone knows the strategies.

Jonathan: "I do not believe that the would be raider owes him anything, nor should he be expected to go out of his way in terms of gold investment or frost emblems to prove himself. He may, but he is not obligated to."


Scott: "You certainly can't count on them in the future, and you don't owe them anything. If anything, they owe you."

If these raiders that ditched raiding for PvP was a regular raider, which it sounds like it by them having to recruit more people, he certainly owes something to the guild. If they wanted to get back into raiding with the guild, they would HAVE to go out and get the proper gear, otherwise they couldn't come to begin with because they would just be a liability. Ya dig?