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Cover art for The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm {WoW}

Jul 21st 2010 6:21PM October release date. Anyone else taking that as a sign Cata will not be out by October?

Fake Yo-Yo Master Cons His Way to TV Fame {Asylum}

May 17th 2010 9:20AM While i dont necessarily agree with conning people.... the people who dont understand why this is funny probably dont appreciate the lost art of humor. If you consider network tv "comedies" funny no you may not think this was funny. I hope you enjoy how i met your mother though while you scoff at real humor.

The Coming Foreclosure Flood {Housingwatch}

Feb 18th 2010 12:18PM This isnt abotu politics... its about the mortgage industry giving away money and inflating home prices faster than the avg income went up and the only way people could find a home for their family was to pay more than they could really afford..... welcome to the aftermath... not taking a stance on the war.... but when things went bad the real estate market got better because of the plunge in interest rates.